Why turn Vegeterian?

1. Lowers your cholesterol levels: The fact that plant sources do not contain cholesterol is enough to highlight the advantage of eating a vegetarian diet for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Your body produces cholesterol in some amounts and with daily intake of chicken or red meat your blood cholesterol levels will increase to level that it starts depositing on the walls of the blood vessels, giving rise to atherosclerosis.

2. Lowers your risk of heart disease: Animal products are rich sources of saturated fats which make them closely associated with coronary heart disease (CHD). A study analysing the association between risk of heart disease and diet found that vegetarians had a 24% lower risk of developing heart disease compared to those who eat meat. The risk was the lowest in lacto-ovo vegetarians (34% lower risk).

3. Reduces your risk of hypertension: Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians have equal chances of suffering from hypertension. But, vegetarians naturally enjoy a low sodium and low fat diet making them less likely to suffer from hypertension.

4. Prevents and controls diabetes: Being a vegetarian or vegan cuts down several risk factors like obesity that are linked to diabetes. According to a study non vegetarians are twice likely to suffer from diabetes compared to vegetarians. If you’re a diabetic, you can control your sugar levels better by switching to vegetarianism. A vegetarian diet makes your body more responsive to insulin.

5. Helps to control weight: Obviously, with low fat, cholesterol and triglycerides, a vegetarian diet will help you keep your weight under check. A low-fat vegetarian diet will also you lose weight if you’re obese, according to a study.

6. Reduces the risk of colon cancer: Colon cancer in rampant in people who consume less amount of legumes and fiber. Because vegetarian diet is rich in fibre and legumes, the risk of colon cancer is less among vegetarians compared to non-vegetarians. Not just colon cancer, vegetarians get natural protection against prostate, stomach, breast and lung cancer.

7. Reduces the risk of kidney stones and gall stones: Non-vegetarian diet is undoubtedly rich in protein. But sometimes this excess amount of protein can cause the body to excrete more amounts of calcium, oxalate and uric acid. These substances form the main component of kidney stones and gall stones.

8. Reduces your risk of death: Although debatable, being a vegetarian is thought to be associated with reduced risk of death (excluding other factors like smoking and alcohol consumption).
Although a vegetarian diet is beneficial for staying healthy, often due to lack of balanced diet vegetarians suffer from deficiencies of mirconutrients. You need to understand that shifting to vegetarianism is not enough to lead a healthy life; a balanced diet plays an equally important role. It’s not the restriction of meat that makes vegetarian healthy. It’s the variety of foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains) you choose to include in your diet that keeps you healthy. more  

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Thanks for valuable message. more  
Food for the survival of body. Cost of food, availability, type of exertion, all matters while deciding to be Veg or Non veg. more  
While I generally OK with this Make-Vegi-as-it-is-good Campaign sharing thoughts, I totally disagree that we should do it because Non-Vegis kill Animals .. Are Plants not Living & Breathing as well ?? Where do Vegetables, Dals, Rice, Atta, etc. come from ? Why should killing any Living Thing be justified !!

Vegan is yet another such Fad like Vegi or Non-Vegi-without-Pork/Beef, etc., religious beliefs excluded/respected.

I remember a Marwari Pal who only ate non-Indian Cows/Buffalos because he could not afford the much costlier Vegi Food in US University / College Hostels !!

Let's stop preaching anybody but our own Children about any such Fad just to try be Attention Seekers .. I feel even our own Children should have the Liberty to chose whatever they want to have.

This is my thought and is not aimed at hurting anyone's feeling. So please take this writing sportingly .... more  
millenia before there is no instances of existence of a more civilised society and they had a life just as primitive tribal still lives today and as the civilisation grows up, mind grows to strive for a sophisticated life, pure mind, body and soul and want to live in social hormony without non-violence. There is nothing to do with the personal choice of food. However, Opting a vegetarian in many aspects, is a good for well being of all human beings. We should love Animals and animal's right too. more  
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