Why Rapist & Murderers are not Hanged

Headline in Times Of India today:
‘School bus driver sent to jail till death for rape’
The moot point is what purpose will be served by keeping a rapist in jail till death at the cost of taxpayers.
I would like to make following observations:
1. Courts are awarding life imprisonment even for most heinous crimes instead of death sentence.
2. Even if some court awards death sentence it is reversed by higher courts.
3. Even in cases where death sentence is confirmed by highest court, it is not executed for years. Then higher court reverses it.
4. Th number of crimes against women and girl child such as rape and murder are increasing as the criminals have no fear of law.
5. The purpose of awarding a jail sentence is to give an opportunity for improvement in social behaviour.
6. But exactly the opposite happens even if jail sentence is a few months. In prison a person comes in contact with hardened criminals and is subjected to beatings, unnatural sexual assaults and torture etc..
7. A large number of prisoners come out, hardened criminals, when released instead of a reformed person.
8. Not a single person convicted of rape and murder of a girl child has been hanged in the recent past.
9. The so-called Human Rights Activists are concerned about human rights of criminals and not of victim.
10. All life imprisonment sentences are a punishment to taxpayers.

This isa very serious issue and needs to be addressed by Government on urgent basis. Local Circles help is requested. more  

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Hard Core Criminals and Economic Offenders, Rapists and Murderers must be given Capital Punishment. This will give an element of FEAR among them. It will Reduce Load on Judiciary and Jails. more  
well, the thing is we do not have law in correct sense, how many of us know the law of the land, no one, even the lawyer does not understand the law as it can be interpreted in any ways one likes, every law in the country is composed of minimum 300 to 700 sections. in that it has "n" number of sub sections, i fail to understand whether the law is made to civilise the society or to give rise to corruption and malpractises, we still follow colonial laws, who made the law to loot and ruin the country. I wish to see the country having a straight forward one liner law system more  
I agree that there is no sense to keep someone alive in jail until his/her death. One of the reasons it is done is that someone may be wrongly proven guilty and later it may be determined that the person was wrongly convicted. In open and shut case, the convicted person must be swiftly put to death. One other consideration is the world human rights prganization. Justice is going to dogs. more  
Judiciary is completely failing the country - there is no doubt about it. They are more interested to protect their turf through collegium system which is completely opaque and in telling the government how to run the country, rather than serving justice, which is their core responsibility. When it comes to a common citizen of India, they are completely useless. Only the rich and famous pretty much get what they want, in courts. National Judicial Commission is the first step in reforming this colonial legacy. more  
I totally agree. Because of this, there is no fear and the perpetrators keep committing crimes. The prisons are over crowded due to the removal of death penalty and criminals think they can come out in few years and plan to commit more crimes. It's pathetic to see justice is not being served to the victims and their families who continue to be traumatized over the incidents. Even the recent case of throwing acid on a teenage girl in broad daylight in Delhi and the Shraddha murder case where her body was cut into 35 pieces by her boyfriend which rocked northern India is extremely traumatic and horrifying. No wonder the rape and murder case in Hyderabad which happened some time ago, the police shot the rapists. These guys are not human beings but monsters roaming around waiting for their prey. They should be given the death penalty within three months. This would set an example and infuse fear in the minds of people in committing any more crimes. Everyone wants to live even the most hardened criminals so death penalty would curb and bring down the crime in the country. more  
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