The concept of enteric coating is to release ,

* the drug at - the right place in the Gastro Intestinal Tract (G.I. Tract )
- in the right time,
- In right quantity ,
- in right proportion . It could be from stomach down to the end of small intestines.

* then the enteric coating to prevent the active ingredient from getting destroyed by the gastric acidity .

* third one is to release different drugs at different times and parts of the G.I. Tract .

That is why there will be multicoloured granules of different drugs that are released at different times and different parts of the G.I Tracts. more  

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Thanks for the info, Jayakumar, very helpful. more  
Thanks for the information more  
The main objective of medicines to offer the active ingredients go into the system and treat the disease. While administering drugs [medicines ] various dosage forms, like Tablets, Capsules(that are given orally ), suppository (Inserted through he anus or vagina to release the medicines ), or solution (syrup - to be taken orally) , Injectables are adopted . These are adopted to suit the patients- babies, children, young and old , unable to swallow and unconscious .

The active ingredient is not offered as such as the drugs for various reasons . Some excipients (additives )are added while manufacturing to preserve the drug , give a suitable bulk , and give taste and flavour .

There is what is called as Bioavailability and absorption , to make the active drug be available in the digestive system in ”
IN THE RIGHT TIME (when the system requires – like in a BP Patient , when the BP is high , in hyper acidity when high ),
RIGHT PLACE ( in the stomach, duodenum , small intestines ),
IN RIGHT PROPORTIONS “ so that there is no over reaction to the drug .

hat is where enteric coating of tablets come to assist the drug delivery . Like wise in the capsules there will be different type of granules , also coloured differently . Suitably coated to release the active drug in the correct proportions . The different coloured granules may get released in different places in the intestines. In fact the Granules and Husks given for Constipation get released late to cause bulk of intestinal matter , & motility to push the contents from the large intestines . more  
Good information more  
Enteric coating pills mean, you are referring Capsules ? or any other variant ? more  
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