Why are NAA profiteering orders getting stayed

Why NAA is not being diligent on how hearings are done and orders are passed. 3 people do the hearing, 4 people sign the order. The Mumbai High Court uses that as basis and stays the NAA order. Shouldn't a fresh hearing be done now and all 4 be present to hear and sign.

We have been giving complaints. Kindly ensure that because of such administrative issues they dont get held up.

Anti-profiteering body had directed Hardcastle Restaurants to deposit ₹7.49 crore for not passing on GST cuts
The Bombay High Court has set aside profiteering order against Hardcastle Restaurants (HRPL), a Master Franchisee of famous fast food brand McDonald’s. In November 2018, the National Anti-profiteering Authority (NAA) passed an order against HRPL saying that it did not pass the benefits of lower GST rate cut to its customers.

It accordingly directed it to lower the price and to deposit profiteered amount of ₹7.49 crore to the Consumer Welfare Fund along with 18 per cent benefit. Later, direction to continue the investigations till commensurate price reduction takes place and initiation of penalty proceeding was stayed by the High Court.

Principles of natural justice
HRPL challenged the anti-profiteering order on the ground of violation of the principles of natural justice. The main contention was that hearing was only by three members and the impugned order was pronounced by four members, thus, the HRPL was not afforded an opportunity to present its case before the fourth signatory.

After hearing the arguments from both sides, the Division Bench noted the contention of the Respondents (Revenue Department and NAA) that if the role of the fourth member is removed, then the remaining three constitute a quorum and the order can be sustained, is also not correct and was rejected.

“We conclude that when the three members of the Authority had heard the Petitioner and participated in the entire hearing, the collectively signed decision, when the fourth member joined only for signing the order has resulted in violation of the principles of natural justice and fairness, and is liable to be set aside,” the bench said.

It also held that the NAA is guided by the principles of natural justice.

A hearing is contemplated not merely looking at the records. “There is a deliberation amongst the members. Therefore, the presence of a member of the Authority during the hearing is not a formality. Multi-member panels are constituted so a decision through discussion and exchange of opinions takes place.”

According to the bench, the litigant is entitled to be heard by all members who are the ultimate decision-makers so the litigant can try to convince each member of the adjudicating Authority.

Therefore, oral hearing is clearly contemplated and the argument of the Respondent that since all the record was before the Authority, there is no illegality in the fourth member in signing the order, is not correct.

If the scheme itself provides for hearing by all members, not giving hearing itself will cause prejudice. Therefore the argument of the Respondents that there is no prejudice, also cannot be accepted

“The issues that come up before the Anti-Profiteering Authority are complex. The Act and Rules provide no appeal.

“The Authority can impose a penalty and can cancel the registration. The term profiteering, under the Act and Rules, is used in a pejorative sense. Such a finding can severely dent the business reputation.

“The Authority is newly established. Therefore, as guidance to this Authority, highlighting the importance of fair decision-making is necessary,” the bench said while setting aside the order.

This is not the first order by NAA, failed to face scrutiny by the higher court. Earlier, orders against Hindustan Uniliver and Pyramid Infrastructure were also stayed. more  

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Now you know why in India justice is denied on technical grounds than doing justice. It is Judiciary to be blamed for such a situation today because every litigant thinks he can purchase justice at one or the other stage of judicial process. And judiciary applying principles incorporated to protect innocent to protect culprits. When this stops India will be number one in the world. more  
The whole concept of profiteering in a competitive market is unsound.

Prices in a competitive market vary according to demand. Therefore the word profiteering itself is meaningless. If a company sets its prices too high, the competition can always cut prices and take away its customers. The products of all the companies mentioned have many substitutes in the market.

No one is compelled to dine at McDonalds or buy from Unilever. Cheaper and equally good substitutes are freely available. If someone wants lower prices, they can just move to the competition, and not waste the time of our government and courts on these issues. more  
So as per you by default or compulsion you enter McDonalds they have every right to fleece until you and others stop entering it. Here it is court which has misinterpreted natural justice. Does it mean 4 th judge has signed the order without applying his mind on the records placed before him. Then he should be removed from holding that post. more  

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We all know holes of our system. With money we can find it out and escape out.

End of the day money maters. more  
Indian judiciary is known over the world for tedious lengthy hearings, several moths (in fact years) procedural delays that allows judges, advocates to postpone hearing without any time limit at their wish called Discretionary Powers. Once the order is passed judge is not accountable/bothered to observe the consequences like loss/hardship of any litigant, misuse by any litigant due to his order. He cannot change it. There is separate appeal required to be filed. This attracts additional cost, time lapse. It results into multiple cases for the root cause without timely justice/conclusion. This blot on Indian Judicial System has led to Common man's Idiom, "शहाण्याने कोर्टाची पायरी चढू नाही" , means WISE MAN NEVER TRIES TO GET JUSTICE THROUGH THE (INDIAN) COURTS.

This is not the case in many European countries. In these countries judges /courts don't have authority to admit any case on Tax disputes, Local Government amenities, Abusing Defense forces, Police, Persons performing government duty, espionage. The respective Government officers have to hear the case continuously & authorized to settle dispute without further appeals. If an officer fails to do it or takes too much time, it is noted in his Service Records.

Thus in spite of Best Constitution, due to Laws framed by British to enslave us dating year 1820,1860 Peace & Progress has slowed down. Such laws should be
modified immediately. more  
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