Where's free water for people who live in colonies?

Category A,B,C...
People living in these colonies including GK, category B aren't using more than others in congested colonies and have more numbers
Everyone is paying for water in the range of 2800,yes two thousands plus
We are too lazy to go to office of Delhi jal board and get it corrected
Or it's below the dignity of people who live in high end colonies
It doesnt hurt when our helpers have water for free
We the people in colonies are happy for the ' Numbers ' of people who are getting water for free and that too without a functional water meter
Just give it a thought
Everyone in A,B or C colonies isn't rolling in money
These people are paying fearing a disconnection more  

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We had a meeting of Senior Citizens-GK-2 & MLA was the chief guest at Arya Samaj Mandir,GK-2
One decorated senior Lady Doctor,Dr Rama Kakkar wife of Padamshree Dr. Kakkar,is living in 1 room set now at Alaknanda & she could speak loud on mike for everyone to hear about her water AAP..
And He Suggested Seniors to Visit the Office of Delhi Jal Board at Sadiq Nagar to get bills 'corrected'
Visiting Government Offices are No Less than Going for a Pilgrimage & It is At the Cost of our Dwindling Health. more  
People have been promised that water charges are waived off provided they've a functional water meter
During recent visits to Delhi jal board office at Sadiq Nagar, I have observed long queues for getting water charges waived off
Produce a bill of last paid bill...queue number 1
Residence proof...queue number..2
Complain is recorded if computers are functional

I didn't go to get my water charges waived off..

Builders were threatening me with disconnection and I visited the office for mutation of bill in my name,after lawyers took away my ownership papers and I could retrieve from the same lawyer by representing myself as a citizen who could represent in front of SDM
I got back my ownership papers from the same court where this lawyer had misrepresented my case...

Honestly I feel bad for government servants who are working for Delhi jal board
Leaders promise to junta through lucrative advertisements in daily newspapers, on TV etc

Junta keeps visiting offices with Hope's and in case a member of family is free from services and he is made to spend entire day for getting his own money paid for Water for Free @14000L more  
We in Ashok Vihar, a posh colony of the North Delhi are getting sever mixed water. Despite repeated complaints, no action has been taken by Delhi Jal Board. Only solution given is that we should not use water during first one hour of stating water supply. The sever/drains water gets sucked inside the water pumps, when there is no water supply, through worn out water pipes as well as from the discarded water connection tapping of the supply lines.

The water meters are also defective, the ones demonstrated by Kajriwal, while questing Shila Dixit for using water meters which move with blowing air, instead of water. When the water supply starts, the air filled in the empty water pipes blows through the water meters, registering high readings.
APP govt is making fool of the masses with FREE, FREE advertisements, worth crores of public money. There is nothing free. The free bytes are at the cost of developments, and a polluted city.
But his voters are jhuggi dewellers and they are happy with free water, free electricity, free bus rides. free Wify, free distribution of sweets during festivals etc. more  
People like Anil Mehta feel that I can afford to pay for water instead of ' making him read' my post on local Circle forum
He may feel that I am capable of paying lawyers to get a case registered against notorious builder's mafias
I have complains registered with
SDM,Area Police, MCD,Fire safety and
I refuse to believe that these high profile posts are ' manned ' by male chauvinistic people

I am living in hope to get justice through the very government that has been represented by all of us more  
It appears Anil Mehta ji is supporter of AAP party so he can not hear any criticism to government. more  
I am grateful to Delhi Jal Board for giving me a new connection way back on 5.7.1998,when my own connection for my first floor apartment was snapped off by builder's mafia,living at ground floor of our building consisting of 2 and 1/2 floors only-GF,FF & Barsaati Floor.
People living on Barsaati floor too did not have water for a month-( there was No Water Connection for Barsaati Floor & He was using water supplied for 1st and GF) & I was Paying Bills for 2 Water Connections (when people come across a working woman,even men tend to act 'Coy'& helpless in Govt. offices)
I got extra water connection for Barsaati floor also on same day.
Thanks were showered by owner of Barsaati floor By Blocking My Entry to the Common Areas Like Roof of The Building,because He has added Innumerable Rooms Since 1985( I never complained,despite seepage in walls of building which has a 60+ years old Foundation

I have been living in my own apartment since 1982 & MCD approved maps & Completion Certificate have details about who owns and how much.

The purpose of writing here on forum is to show a mirror to our society,where people pretend to be Chauvinistic,take help from nasty women to get ahead their chauvinistic attitudes,men who are anti women & men who are anti girl child & they get helped by women to play Safe from getting punished & make it look like a routine fight among women!

Keep Sheltering the Murderers & People involved with Tons of Illegal Activities.
It is Me Today,facing them for being a woman owner.
It can be any other widow who might be at receiving end of connected Builder's Mafia.

I want to pay for water & stand in queue or pay online.
I am against false promises made,false hopes generated to be-fool the public.

Government servants at Delhi Jal Board are just doing their jobs
They have to handle More Numbers of People Now Because of Inflated Bills Generated at Behest of Local Politicians.
My suggestion to everyone reading this is-Do Visit the office of Delhi Jal Board to get a feel of people who are Made to Work More. more  
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