What we need at AIIMS and where We need AIIMS

1. There is no online system of getting appointment with Doctors.

2. Govt. should appoint more staff in every AIIMs. There should be a facility to call AIIMS staff / Doctor, with lab attendants to see the patients at his home, take sample, and send report to patients, through e-mail with desired lists of medicines with substitutes, for treatment for normal/common disease, on normal charges, as per Govt. rates. It will avoid unnecessarily crowed at AIIMS.

3. Underground Parking facility, nearby AIIMS should be provided, to attendants. It seems the parking facility, provided is far away from the AIIMS. In my opinion, with the help of some guidelines, and with the little care of security guards, atleast 2 Wheelers, should be allowed to park on AIIMS itself, after leaving way to public and other patients etc. etc.

4. Some authorized Guides with Name Plates, needs to be deployed at AIIMS in and out, from whom a patient/attendant can take help etc. etc. i.e. whereabouts of Lab./Doctor/blood bank/canteen/pharmacy etc. etc. I have seen many of patients /attendants are asking either other patients/attendant or Staff/Doctors/Nurses to guide them about the ways, going to concerned lab./bank/canteen etc. etc. and half of their time is wasted for searching concerned windows, Doctors, places, they wish to go for consultations/treatment/tests.

5. Tests / Sample given for the tests, at hospital's lab, reports for the same should be sent through e-mail, if patients/attendant, desired the same during sample collection at hospital's lab/home, it will avoid unnecessarily visit to lab. By patients/attendant next time.

6. Mobile Nos. of service providers i.e. ambulance no. /authorized autowala nos. should also be displayed in the hospital, enabling patients/attendant to hire the taxi/auto from their bed itself, with KM Rates, duly designed by Govt. /AIIMS.

7. Misbehavior by some junior /other staff has been observed/recognized may times, in the hospital with patients/attendants; The Govt. is paying them to serve/deal with the general public, and then why they should behave like this? AIIMS need to nominate their own inspectors in dress/civil dress, or to allow other public to focus on such staff/make video/audio recordings by them or visitors (attendant/other patients) and action should be taken on the staff, if they are not doing their duties honestly/in good manners. I don’t know why they got frustrated, when a patient goes to them. Govt. should know the reasons for the same from such staff and resolve it in the interest of staff/attendants & patients as well.

8. Any guidelines to the patients should be given in black and white, duly typed in by AIIMs staff to patients.

9. There are goods canteens for Doctors in hospitals, but not neat and clean for attendants, even in some hospitals there are no seating arrangements for attendants and beds/stature/ wheel chairs for patients.

10. Numbers of hospitals/beds etc. should be enhanced in every 6 months,

11. Guest House should be made available for the attendants, visiting AIIMS with patients for treatment of Govt. rates with good facilities i.e. bed to sleep, neat and clean wash room, canteen etc. etc.

12. More/sufficient "MOBILE/LAPTOP CHARGING POINTS" should be provided in the hospital. in waiting areas, wards and in canteen as well. VERY IMPORTANT.

13. Local pre-paid sims should be made available at hospital's reception/premises, and should be activated within 10-20 minutes, from it's purchase. I have seen many people, visiting AIIMS from other states, but they are not able to communicate easily with their family members, due to battery low/low balance/heavy roaming, etc. etc. The same sim can be re-collected during discharge.

14. In my opinion, visitors, who wish to see/visit the patient/attendant, should be allowed every time to meet/see the patient/attendant, until unless, Doctor is not on Round or some special treatment is not going on.

15. In the waiting areas, especially in OPDs, some token no. should also be given to the patients/attendant and such Token No. should be made visible on the top of the door, enabling patients/attendant know about his turn, as at what time, he should be ready to go into the Doctor's Cabin.

16. Direct mini-bus facilities should be made available by AIIMs on chargeable bases from AIIMS to nearby metro station, bus stand, railway stations, if not available presently, and if incase of AIIMS does not have metro station like AIIMS, Delhi.

17. AIIMS should depute it's own senior staff to visit and inspect wash rooms/toilets/drinking water cooler to ensure they are working and neat and clean. Have seen many times there is no/hot water in the coolers/toilets are very dirty etc. etc.

18. CCTV Camera, need to be installed in hospitals/Wards/Nursing Stations too, Have seen many time, nurses are sleeping during night duty and attendants are not able to call them to see/check the patient's glucose etc. etc. (empty bottles needs to be replaced with new one) etc. etc. It should be staff nurse duty to assign an alarm in her mobile/compute to check the status of such activities, instead of attendants. It is only attend who use to call sisters again and again and to replace the glucose bottles.

19. Many times, I have seen nominated staff are not during necessary dressings properly and asking attendant to do it properly i.e. change of bed sheets, replacement of urine bottle etc. etc. I am still not know, is it attendants' duty to clean patients clothes and bed sheets etc. or it is a duty of nominated staff by AIIMS.

20. Free Wireless internet should also be made available in AIIMS to make to more modern.

21. Suggestions box are installed in AIIMS, but suggestion posted in it, either are not considered, and if considered are never shared with the person who has given suggestions.


Thanks and Regards,
Ramesh Chand more  

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The post seems to be out of blue. Mr Subodh Kumar has clarified some doubts about Prabodh Kr. My dear US settled friend, please note that
1. It is India not USA, don't expect what is there in US.
2. AIIMS is a referral hospital not a general hospital.
3. Over time AIIMS has improved a lot in its operations (UNID being issued to patient once for all, whereby one can take online appointments), cleanliness is now superb.
4. AIIMS trained doctors rush away to US etc but there are non greedy ones who have stayed back in AIIMS for the country and countrymen.
5. These AIIMS trained foreign settled Doctors can contribute to recently started poor patient fund so as to return a bit of contribution of AIIMS in their life.

Mr Bhardwaj, out of your 21 points many things are already functional in AIIMS. Go 7 experience. more  
Dear Prabodh,
You are among perhaps the few experts who were at AIIMS as part of faculty
and research at AIIMS and then shifted to USA nearly 40 years ago to an
Ivy League university. You have the honor of being an internationally
acclaimed and recognised among the best teachers and researchers in the
field of Cytopathological medical sciences along with simultaneous hospital
I wonder if you will care to join in this thread of discussions involving
public debate on AIIMS ?
Subodh Kumar,
C-61 Ramprasth,
Maharshi Dayanand Gosamwardhan Kendra , Delhi-96
Shri MataJi Goushala, Barsanaa (Mathura) U.P.
*Science is belief in the ignorance of Experts- Richard Feynmann *

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High rates charged by Pvt. hospitals are because they have monopoly. The best example I can give In USA - Government Schools are expansive as compare to private schools. Yet it is very difficult to get admission in Government schools. How can afford to pay no problem. Politicians (so called Government) are happy as they collect huge tax in the name of Service tax or some other tax. When India can built metro, mars mission etc. Why not hospitals with basic facilities. If we want to call India a developed / developing country - basic facilities - education, medical treatment, transportation, housing, food etc. should be available by choice for every one.I am a regular visitor to Sir Ganga Ram, Fortice and Max. I can realize the difference in their quality and service.But I feel very bad - I paid all taxes for 35 long years as per requirement of law. But if I have some major medical problem - I am no where to go, as AIIMS is for VIP or perhaps for below average people, and most importantly - AIIMS is 30 km from my residence. Why not one in North Delhi?    Omega Products
(Sanjeev Bhatnagar)
98102-95074, 98109-25174.
Email: omega_products@yahoo.com
ICICI Bank A/c. No. 072405000003,
IFSC Code ICIC0000724,
Saraswati Vihar, Delhi

On Wednesday, March 25, 2015 3:05 PM, Ramesh Vashisth <support@localcirclesmail.com> wrote: more  
Suggestions are good but it is highly impossible in near future. Better if if there is a regulator on Pvt. Hospitals/Labs towards their heavy charges and also if we improve the situations of all our govt. hospitals where we should provide nearly 90% facility like AIIMS, LNJP,GBPH, Safdarjung Hospitals and monitor the system and staff strictly. Some facilities asked by Mr.Bhardwaj can be provided by NGOs/Public/pvt agencies on No Profit/No Loss i.e. nominal charges basis. Govt. cannot provide everything self because there are limited resources and Govt. has to do these like things in so many other sectors also as its social obligations. However, by some social activists, Doctors, politicians and Administrative people's help the situation can be better and for that some active people must come forward and do their best efforts in the interest of service. more  
First step required is - abolish VIP quota in AIIMS and all public utility facilities.Politician will automatically improve services and new facilities are added as per requirement. Since politician get the best of services they do not bother for tax payers. Omega Products
(Sanjeev Bhatnagar)
98102-95074, 98109-25174.
Email: omega_products@yahoo.com
ICICI Bank A/c. No. 072405000003,
IFSC Code ICIC0000724,
Saraswati Vihar, Delhi

On Tuesday, March 24, 2015 8:33 PM, Ramesh Bhardwaj <support@localcirclesmail.com> wrote: more  
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