What makes heart age faster

1. Wrong dietary habits: In the past decade-and-a-half, with all the wave of globalisation, commercialisation and changing the economy of the country, India has gone from being a calorie deficit country to a calorie surplus one. Overeating, dependency on junk and pre-packaged meals is one reason why more and more people are suffering from metabolic syndrome, a group of risk factors that increases one’s chances of suffering from heart diseases, diabetes and stroke. Consuming excess calories leads to fat deposition in the liver and other major organs, which is a prime reason for inflammation, an increase in LDL or bad cholesterol, hypertension and other lifestyle disorders. Another diet disaster that makes our heart pay dearly is the hidden salt in our foods. Probably munching on one pack of your favourite chips can exceed the daily salt requirement of 2.5 to 3 gm.

2. Sedentary life: This isn’t an unknown factor, but probably you have never calculated how you are increasing your risk by leading a sedentary life. For instance, if you are consuming four samosas sitting at your desk which amounts to approximately 700 calories, you need to run at least for an hour to burn those calories. We are not even getting into the other foods that you are consuming throughout the day, adding to the havoc. Hope this gives you an idea that sitting long hours at desk and keying in numbers (add to it eating unhealthy snacks) is doing no good to your heart.

3. Smoking: This is an age-old risk factor, but the number of people suffering from heart disease due to smoking is just increasing in a frenzied manner. Since the female population has also taken to smoking it is increasing the numbers rapidly. Remember, quitting is not just the answer. It takes your body some 10 years to recover from the wrath of the toxins. And if you have blockage or hypertension despite which you smoke it just worsens your condition faster.

4. Binge drinking: There are studies doing the rounds on the internet that says a glass of red wine has flavonoids that can do wonders for your heart health. So you think weekend drinking won’t do you much harm but know it will do you worse. Sudden consumption of alcohol means sending toxins directly into your system that can increase your heart rate, set you up for a fit, etc. So it is better to say no to such vices for the sake of your heart.

5. Snoring: This is considered a parallel risk factor for heart diseases like obesity and diabetes. In fact, people who snore are prone to atherosclerosis (thickening of the arteries) and have reduced blood supply to the brain that can also increase the risk of stroke.

6. Excessive exercise: While exercise is really good for your heart but a sudden burst of exercise can be fatal. Like, increasing your inclination and speed on the treadmill without preparing your body for the same can cost you your life. Remember, putting your body into too much physical strain without gradually increasing your stamina and speed can lead to rupture of small blockage in the arteries or even set you up for a heart attack.

7. Stress: Stress in an indirect manner increases one’s risk of heart diseases. When stressed your heart rate increases, you tend to become physically inactive, overeat and all of which does your heart much harm.

8. Social withdrawal: If you are a loner and prefer it that way it is fine. But if you exhibit signs of social withdrawal all of a sudden this could be detrimental to your heart. How depression and heart disease is related is not know completely but a negative outlook towards life, in general, takes a toll on one’s heart.

9. Bad dental hygiene: This could lead to gum diseases or periodontal diseases due to plaque build-up along or below the gum lines. When this happens bacteria from the infected gums can break free enters the bloodstream and gets attached to a blood vessel forming a clot. This disrupts smooth circulation and elevates one’s blood pressure.

10. Ignoring warning signs: This is the worst we do to our heart is to ignore the warning signs it sends out. Sometimes symptoms life recurrent GERD, burping can be related to heart diseases. Treating these conditions with over-the-counter medications is just going to make your heart weaker with every passing day. Did you know acidity could be a sign of heart diseases? more  

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I do agree with Mr. Vivek Kumar - instead of fighting for reservation, lets fights for some thing big. Say better food habit, wherever possible. Other point - we should not divide ourselves - for City wallas or village wallas only. Every thing is interconnected - we are dependent on villagers and villagers on us. more  
Pooran ji, let me tell you that all data is with the Indian Government and WHO. It is not only metro cities but our villages that are much more getting affected by way of chemicals. In Punjab runs a cancer train that carries farmers from Bhatinda to Bikaner. Every farmer is facing a life threat by use of concentrated chemicals that is used for pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer. That is another thing that later it comes to us and we are having all the deadly chemicals with ease and think we are having very nutritious food. We have a weak mentality of "my family and me are safe"!! No one thinks of the neighbor what to think of farmers and the Country BUT it is directly affecting our family and self. We can fight for reservation, why not to fight for good nutritious food? more  
Thanks Eliana for your initiative to explore the information about heart disease. It is very important to aware people. more  
Very educative information. It is equally important that laymen should know about health related precautions. Government should organise such functions in Gali Mohalla and make the people to understand the disastrous results if not complied with. Ram Yadav more  
Umesh Kumar ji also confirming that it is Way of Life that is affecting all of us most. more  
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