Waterlogged Roads - Should authorities pay for damages

So my husbands car stopped in knee deep water on one such stretch on saturday. We are being told the entire engine has to be changed and Insurance won't cover it.

Should I send the bill to CM Kejriwal’s office or LG’s office or is it MCD that will bear it. Our family is very confused. more  

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I sympathise with you Aditi, and I think your idea of sending bills to authorities concerned is quite brilliant. Let this become a precedent. After all, we pay road tax as well as tax on everything in our lives- the very least one should demand is good infrastructure. Forget about naysayers presuming no action will be taken. Unless we start activity demanding basic infrastructure, nothing will happen. For decades the authorities and politicians have minted money off of us, with zero accountability. Please update us on any action taken in response to your communication with MCD/ Lt. Gov/ DJB/ CM. Thank you more  
Though I sympathize with Ms.Jain - one has to take a call using one's own wisdom and intelligence. I started for my Office from South Delhi and the moment I came onto Aurobindo Marg near Adhchini and saw the amount of water on both sides of the road, I took a U-Turn and headed straight back home to take up WFH for the day. It is easy to blame others but this is what CM Kejriwal had been fighting all along and had with-held payment to Municipal workers many of them non-existent. At that time the BJP made a big ruckus and garbage was literally covering the streets of Delhi - it was an awful sight at Khari-baoli and Sadar then. Even Court said that LG is responsible for Delhi so I guess it is LG who should bear responsibility. more  
There must be thousand of cases similar to the one mentioned above all over the country, can any Govt. compensate all cases. What to say a car engine, thousands have lost their houses, live stock etc due to heavy rains, were there any compensations. In the case mentioned the driver of the car had option to wait, take a less flooded road etc. but in many other cases people did not have any option to avoid the flooded areas etc. If the car was damaged due to open manhole it would have been a different case. more  
You can send the Bill with GST, (add interest payable pa, on amount) to - Min of Home Delhi; Commissioner MCD of your area and Delhi Jal Board as storm water drains are under DJB). Also mark Cc to CM Delhi, LG Delhi and others necessary. Although no one will care it could set a precedent and wake up call for governance! If you know anyone in the media, also send a photocopy to them. You can suggest the Bill be equally divided to be paid by MCD and DJB. more  
Mr. Harpreet i have doubt that it will work ? more  
Ms. Aditi.....Awfully sorry for your immense loss. Flooding, Earthquakes etc. is treated as an act of GOD, hence not covered by insurance company but we are forced to pay the premium every year. Please write to PMO and down the line whoever (Person) or whichever (Department) involve in vehicle industry. If you know anybody on media, please raise an issue with them. Taking the matter to the Courts will take much longer and highly cost effective unlike movie OMG. more  
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