Water Filters- The Silent Killer

Further to my online demo request Eureka Forbes team installed
Enhance RO+UV model water filter @ my Vasai home on 12/08/2014.
After that I was too busy with making service request calls and
trackng them. I was so stupid, it took one whole year for me to
realise that the mineral guard technology in my filter was removing
90% of the minerals required for human body from the inlet water
by the name of filteration.Means if you pour healthy drinking water
to this unit, it will remove 90% of the minerals from the water.

With much resistance from their service team, sales team and R &D
team,when I contacted their CEO Mr.Rajan Ganguly I got a free of cost
replacement with latest model Dr.Aquaguard magna RO+UV.This I got
on 26/12/2015,after 15 months from my purchase date, were as
their warranty is only for 12 months.
After few months this new comer also started showing its colors.
Then one by one my family members were down with high fever,cold
Vomiting, body pain, severe cough,etc.Regarding my kids, weight
loss & poor concentration was of major concern for me.
First we were in dark,but our doctor suggested to check drinking
water& we found that the water from the filter is having bad taste
& the odor was very unpleasant.
Based on our complaint ,service team attended after 7 days and as
usual we checked TDS value. Surprisingly Inlet & outlet water TDS
values were same 285.Reason "reject water pipe was connected with
the purified storage tank". We realized that all these days we were
drinking the same tanker water without any filtration.Water with
all dust,dirt,mud,harmful chemicals, pesticides,harmful gases etc.

......Last offer I got from subhasis@eurekaforbes.co.in on03/05/16
"If you are still not satisfied with the unit and the Water Quality,
we will take the unit back and refund the amount ................!! more  

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There is no short cuts. The consumerism has generated a feeling that anything can be bought with money. So many unnecessary products are sold in the market with unproven technology and the ads are quite misleading. Our administrative machinery is inadequate to prevent such hoax. I am nearing 70 and I have been using boiled water all these years. Many product promoters visited me, as my questions were not properly replied, all went disappointed. If you have money, spend it wisely. more  
It is not only the "mineral guard technology" but the Booming Industry & trade of Cosmetics, Cleaners, Purifiers, cleaners etc. dealing un"Fairly" "HIT" business by promoting/hammering with media Advertisements. It is proved fact that the natural color of the human being can not be changed so also killing of "DANGUE MACHARRS" - people can not understand how ""DANGUE MACHARRS" can be identified by the Red-Black chemicals. Contrarily i is going to impact adversely due to chemicals. One should understand the requirements. Advertisement amount if would have been spent on social services - certainly it would have saved several farmers to commit the suicides. more  
Getting water boiled for drinking converts hard water to soft and kills bacteria, but at times changes taste ....We are a diverse country with many challenges. However for large families and places where boiling water is difficult due to time pressures ,fuel shortages, allowing boiling water to cool etc, alternative methods are an option . However boiling water is the safest and effective way to make water potable. Plastic bottles left in cars in the hot sun , convert water in them as carcinogenic due to plastic reaction hence best be avoided. People in villages drink from wells/ ponds unless contaminated by ground water. Pristine rivers are getting polluted due to discharge of waste and effluents .Due to apathy and lack of civic sense people offer short term solutions and would rather treat life simplistically .A typical attitude by most of us. In most developed countries piped water can be safely drunk . In addition spring / fountain water on roadsides ,unless otherwise specified is safe for drinking. In India till the late eighties people use to drink piped water till such time population pressures and large scale migrations collapsed the urban civic structures. Technology appeared as a solution since the administrative mechanism collapsed under unaccountability and sheer indifference of people. more  
RO Technology wastes water , hence a technology of plain UV and filtration is best wherever piped water is available..Ceramic filters should be cleaned every fifteen days and impurities scared from the filter with brush.In case water is muddy/ bad , then boil water and use very small qty/ portion of ALUM( fitkari) to allow the impurities to settle down. In case more alum is used the water will look cloudy as it will reach a colloidal solution stage. Alternately use chlorine tablets( possibly even bleaching powder ) and after approx one hour add sodium this-sulphate tablet to remove the taste of chlorine. more  
We living in a society controlled by the corporates who sell us dreams during daytime, media is their means for one way communication and we fall in this trap, sometimes, willingly,as the alternative (like boiling water) is too time taking. more  
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