Urgent Replacement of Plastic food packaging for containing hot foods

Use of plastic food containers for carrying or storing hot foods, especially liquids is a current practice, that requires urgent review and discontinuation. Whether it's tea/ coffee in styrofoam cup, hot sambhar in plastic packets, hot curries in round transparent/ opaque plastic containers (disposable), all are harmful to human health. The hot liquids coming in contact with the plastic/styrofoam, etc. causes the release of a high number of chemicals, mostly carcinogens. This is specially bad for food under home delivery, where the restaurant directly or through service providers (like zomato, swiggy, etc.) deliver foods in non-eco friendly plastic disposable containers.

Earlier, food was carried/ delivered in re-usable containers like tiffin boxes, earthenware etc. which were safer for health. The convenience that the increased use of plastic, styrofoam, etc. brought to the food packaging and delivery industry looked very attractive, but is proving a bane after all.

We need to either find a cost-effective non-plastic packaging material that can conveniently carry hot liquid food (anyone from the food packaging industry or academia listening ??) or encourage use of re-usable containers like yesteryears to reduce the harmful chemical exposure, that is a contributing factor to the evergrowing cancer menace. The restaurants and service providers like zomato, swiggy etc. need to be aware and responsible in this matter.

Hope you all agree with me.
-- Rajarshi Das more  

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The quality of plastic which is bad for food is to be banned at production level. Banned should be tackled at a plant where such plastic is produced. The authorities should implement the banned at source of production. Once the production of such plastic is stopped every thing else will fall in line... more  
The point raised is pertinent, but the ban imposed by government is not working properly. Public are in search of a better alternative to carry hot items. more  
Government or the appropriate authorities can impose penalties for using plastic packing products on hoteliers, but, these authorities can only propose suggestions for the packaging material, as there is cost involved. Many restaurants and/or fast food serving joints have been packing foods in aluminum foils and/or pouches. more  
Till today there is no cost effective other then plastic. stop ordering online food is the only solution. We can dine in if needed. more  
Though, BIS has standards for PLASTICS used for FOOD PACKAGING, this has not been made mandatory.
WRAPPER must contain the words," FIT FOR FOOD PACKAGE" more  

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