Unfair to target Hardik Patel this way

Sex is a personal and private matter and Hardik Patel's private video being circulated by others is in bad taste.

We should not get into private lives of politicians as long as the act is consensual. Even if it is with different women, its fine as long its consensual sex and not rape. more  

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"we have plenty" You have exposed yourself Avanti Patel. Who are we? That is why Congress will lose you think we are idiots??? The entire video shows Hardik Taking instruction from the lady in the same room he is having sex later than night.
His wife came there? Or his girlfriend? Everyone knows how these meetings end at night. People are not stupid even in resorts meetings and everhwere prostitutes or some exploited party member will be forced to have sex with people they want favors from.
Hardik did just that. And you are just pretending to act innocent you are Congress stooge you exposed yourself by saying "We have plenty of false narratives" So you are not alone.
Then why pretend yes I know you are sitting with Social media team there. Next time you want to lie remember to us I and not "WE" more  
I would agree with this. But its not Hardik having sex with his wife or even his girlfriend. Hardik was in a place where he was meeting with congress getting instructions in return money and this "sex" he had was part of the payment. That is why it has been exposed. Otherwise thousands of opposition leaders of either party have sex with their wives and girlfriends but its not shown.
Secondly why do you care so much for him? He is fooling the entire community. A person who takes sex as payment is not fit to be a leader.
Third when Babas have sex even in consensual they are banned from preaching like NIthayananda swami. Why is that? When even fake gurus sex tapes are put online you don't have problem. Please don't use local circles to promote you fake Patidhar andolan and Congress agenda more  
I am not doing that sir. Where is the proof that sex was in exchange for a congress deal? Please give proof. If its narrative, that we have plenty of. more  
14 people died in that ANDOLAN,and Hardik became
leader of patidar so patidars believe Hardik is their
Hero...so they cannot accept such JALSA of Hardik
One side he refers those 14 people and other side he
Drinks & Dance with..... more  
More important is that 'sex' was part of the payment package given to him. Cash and these sex was the perks. Its not him having sex with his wife or girlfriend. SO it is part of evidence that he is doing all of this not only for money but for sex. more  
I think Anyone try to fight in election ,he or she should be good character person otherwise our girls or boys not safe in our society more  
Agar hardik character se acha he tohi election lade otherwise side per ho jaye kyonki hame aage jakar ache character wala C.M or P.M chayen more  
I do agree with your though but we need to understand so many circumstances behind this. I live in Ahmedabad I saw what he did while protest. In fact even I didn't understood his motives initially but soon in evening when I saw news I understood everything. Whatever he did on that day was not at all a behaviour of good leader and still if we expect that he should be treated fair than its our fault to think this. He just tried to corner the ruling government all the time on account of all Patidars and miss guided everybody using sentimental speach and all. Patidars always opposed such reservation but he just dragged all in this in favour of it. I strongly believe that he is been motivated by someone to do so and had always wasted interest in that protest. If I will keep on writing that there is no end of it so I wana finish with closing statement that if you start bad politics against established politicians than someday you will have to face more of it. And he is facing this. For me, you and many of us sex is personal matter and even we accept polygamy behaviour but those who support him (rural and probably uneducated or may be educated dumb) are conventional ppl and can't accept this. I hope such ppl will stop following him and start diverting their energy in some creative use.
Seriously not only Gujarat but whole country needs a break. Let us try to alow some politicians and bureaucrats do their job for some time.

PS: I am purely patriotic person and don't follow any political party more  
Let us not fall into this fake patidhars argument. The 'sex' he was having was part of Payment He was discussing things with Congress representatative and then sex is part of the payment. All such dealings involve sex and prostitutions as payment. Either they hire prostitutes even those 'resort meetings' or some female member of the party will have sex.
So this is not him having sex with wife or girlfriend Like @Avanti Patel is trying to make it out. THis is part of payment recieved by him to fool Patidhaar Community So this should be exposed. more  
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