Tussle between police and politicians seen today

And it's a woman politician who led the mob to attack authorities doing their duty
Removing illegal structures in narrow lanes of East Delhi
Illegal structures are the norm and not a crime!!
And it's every where
East Delhi isn't the only place in Delhi notorious for breaking the rules

The young woman politician is either connected with the men or doesn't have time to read newspapers

According to recent order by supreme court, authorities need not send any notice to remove illegal structures.
Should we ask for Reservations for women candidates?? more  

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Dr. Nath, stone-throwing by a well-connected woman is not a gender issue at all. Reservation in any form is a drag on society. So, I hope you agree now, reservation for women is as undesirable as caste based reservations. The new entity of reservation based on economic criteria is all the more absurd and idiotic. If somebody is poor, cannot rise because of poverty, he / she should be financially supported through affirmative actions. Why reservation because of poverty ?
We all are our own worst enemies. more  
Dr. N. Nath, yes. Certainly !! Women are in no way inferior or superior to men. There is no comparison at all. Both are unique. Problem lies in unequal opportunities. That can be addressed legally. Problem lies in wrong attitude in men towards women. That can be addressed through impartation of value-education by mothers unto their teen sons only if new-generation mothers learn a bit to pay more time to sons...because Govt. are avoiding to be decisive and firm in learning / education...it is a huge issue. Reservation is not the answer. It will complicate the problem instead of solving that. Reservation for women and gender-parity cannot go together just as Govt. sponsored casteism cannot be eradicated after imposing quota after quota. more  
Reservations have failed society. Records of AIIMS can be checked. During 1969,a caste certificate Jatav could be purchased for just 200/- from Agra & person could get admitted to MBBS course. Failed MBBS could get admission to MD course,where Professor & HOD had to pass him( get rid of him)
50 years later,things are getting worse.
Leaders & their associates can go abroad for treatment.
What about the masses,who get 'Impressed' by MD(AIIMS)?
Failed doctors posing to be High & Mighty for the world?

There Should Be No Reservations.
Maybe During Past 50 Years,We Have Learnt No Lessons about Merit Vs Reservations. Freebies Vs Dignity to Earn.
This wannabe woman leader is young & connected for sure.
She is instigating Mob to Throw Stones at Policemen doing their duty.
It is Not a Gender Issue.
It is about connections with higher leaders.
Show off the Reflected Powers which are more powerful like Laser Energy.
Therefore more dangerous for our society more  
Respected Dr. Neelam Nath, Everybody claims that he or she has been a victim of or cheated by a woman, who are those ladies who are cheating him or her. A very important question. Regards. more  
Strange question-who are these ladies.
Do Not call them ladies.
Look around.
There are plenty of girls & women groomed by their connected women,including own mothers to loot society or to break laws & get away by bribing authorities including men.
Wrapped up women are more adept at playing mind games within families,breaking up family units & putting up a show off as a great Indian United Family.
Do Visit Vrindavan to feel the plight of homeless widows,dumped by their own after getting relevant papers signed.
Examples are plenty & I wish that you read a book called Life. more  
There should be No Reservations based on Gender & Caste.
Only Merit should be The Mantra. more  
Women are very powerful.They donot need any reservation. They are misusing their reservation.They should be respected.They have great role to play for building the nation more  
Yet another event by a so-called politician, created "before the elections".....
We should be prepared to read/hear/view more of these....in the following weeks....

However, if we as the people of this country know what we want and what is good for us, then we should really take a united front.........that which is good, positive and for the good of the Nation only..... more  
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