Toyota Kirloskar motors cheated me they delivered me a defective car.

I was cheated by Harsha Toyota one of the biggest dealer for Toyota passenger cars they deliver me a defective car which hardly run for 1000 kms. And when I asked to them for a replacement they started explaining me all the silly reasons that they can't replace the car but they will be changing the engine. When I complaint regarding the same to Toyota customer care, they too were too were irresponsible on my complaint. The dealer (Harsha Toyota) guy even said that nothing will be done if you complaint anywhere. more  

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They have already informed you about the basic rule "nothing will be done if you complaint anywhere." more  
I hope Mr. Syed Ishaq get a new "vehcile" free based on Mr.Chunilal's advise. more  
I find you always get personal and start you illogical talks. As to your 42 years of experience of sometimes being a service technician, sometimes being a service manager, sometimes being a consultant to the construction industry, with many of the know brands (why so many ?) does not impress me at all. I maintain all list of question and answers given by you is absolutely irrelevant. I also find that your irrelevant questionnaire will only end up sending Mr.Ishaque on a wild goose chase and waste of time. That is exactly what the service managers of all service providers do. You have somewhere in your own post said you were a service manager also for so many companies. You are also typically trying to tell him that the consumer courts are no good, without having read the act. more  
I still hope and pray he gets a new vehicle from Toyota Kirloskar so that Mr.Chunilal Malik wins. I admit I do not understand what Mr.Chunilal Malik said. Because my 42 years of experience as a service technician to the Product Support Manager of companies like Voltas, Tata Motors, Dealers of Honda,Toyota,Chrysler, Volvo, Jeep in the Middle East may not be as worthy as Mr.Chunilal's knowledge and experience specially when it comes warranty and insurance issues. I am no more interested in debating with people like Mr.Malik but I shall invite the attention of the CEO of Harsha Motors and Toyota in India. more  
It appears you do not understand what I have said. I said, use the vehicle because you cannot waste your time, keep taking free services and getting repaired, if not satisfied go to the court and seek redressal. What redressal the court will give, will depend on the facts and what action Mr.Ishaque took and what reliefs he prayed for. It will not in any way depend on what answers he gave or got to your irrelevant questions. more  
Mr. Ishaq. I forgot to assure you that consumer courts are very powerful and they have l powers to enforce their decisions under section 25 and 27 of the CPA. If you have a favourable decree, you can seek for enforcement under BOTH sections. Under 25, property of the loosing party will be attached and auctioned. Under 27, consumer courts have the powers to arrest the offending person and send him to jail for upto 3 years. Yours is a typical case where the dealer is passing time till waranttee gets over. And you cannot just throw away the car or keep playing. So you continue to use it, take all services from the dealer under waranttee, maintain a proper record and if still not satisfied, agitate the matter in courts. If the car then goes out of waranttee, you still have the right to demand repairs or replacement in the court, because complaints made during the waranttee period were never resolved. Courts will surely allow this. more  
Asking answers to all kinds of irrelevant questions, as suggested by some friends here, will not help. My due respects to them for the thought they gave your problem.

You are in a tricky situation because you have a defective car, dealer wont replace it, and you cannot throw it away or get it repaired elsewhere without harming your legal rights. My suggestion to you is to get the car repaired from the dealer under warrantee. Give all your complaints in detailed letters. If not satisfied after a couple of tries at repairs, file a consumer dispute without wasting time. Continue using the car and continue getting it repaired till you are satisfied. Mention in your plaint this fact so that you can add evidence later on. Mention in the plaint that since you are saddled with the defective car, you have no other alternative than to follow the above line of action, using it and making efforts to get it repaired. Maintain a proper record of complaints and repairs. Let the dealer also know this. If he is sensible enough, he will give you a lasting solution. Otherwise, the court will. I am sure you will succeed. more  
Mr.Ramchandra Nair. Namaskar. The complaint is about the quality or absence of after sales service. Dealer has not denied he did not sell the car, or he wont service it or Mr.Ishaqe is not the bonafide owner. Answers to details about the car, the complaints made, the service given, which adviser gave the service are also all on record with both the dealer and complainant. How will an answer to why complainant purchased his car through this particular dealer help ? Therefore nearly full of your long list of questions is irrelevant to the complaint , which is, specifically the poor quality or denial of service. How getting answers to your questions help get the complainant good service or redressal of his complaint? As regards powers of the consumer courts to enforce its orders, please read section 25 and 27 of the CPA. more  
Would be obliged to know what are the irrelevant questions in my comment. As Service Manager for many Indian and foreign manufactured cars and trucks since 1964 to 2013 in India and few other countries,I framed those questions from the manufacturer's /dealer's view. Good luck Syed Ishaq and go ahead with the valuable advice of Mr.Chunilal Malik. more  
Mr. Syed Ishaq, whatever is advised by Mr. R.M. Nair is important and you should follow it. Once more followup with Toyota and if nothing happens then file a complaint with consumer court in your district and for that you can take help from consumer redressal forum in your district. For more help you may send an email to Mr. Jehangir Gai
<<>>. more  
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