Toothache and Homeopathy

Can someone share what is the name of the toothache medicine and how does it work. more  

There are two bio-chemic formula No 18 and 23 for gums and toothache respectively. Toothache can be due to gums problem as well. So you can take both the medicines alternatively four hourly for two to three days. I hope you will get relief. more  
I would simply say go to a good dental specialist more  
There are medicine very specific for the toothache. Please consult your Homoeopathic physician. more  
Apply clove oil to your tooth or if you do not have clove oil take one clove(lawang) break its phooli tip and press it on the aching tooth clench your jaw firmly and keep it embedded to the tooth. your ache will subside substantially. Now you you can go to a dentist to check for any rotting in the tooth. more  
Homoeopathic system of medicine is different from Allopathic system - there are no specifics for headache, toothache, diarrhoea, etc. We treat patients according to the symptoms they present. Some patients may like to rinse their mouth with warm water to get relief from toothache while others might like to drinks cold water to relieve the pain - this is just an example - so medicines in both these cases cannot be same. I would adv. everyone who wants to be treated with Homoeopathic medicines, please visit a Homoeopathic physician - give proper case history and then see the effects of the medicines. Medicines vary from case to case because no two individuals are identical . more  
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