The IPL Scam

Total matches - 410
Balls per match - 240


Total balls bowled - 98400

EACH BALL WORTH - Rs50 lakhs!!!!

BCCI will make money,
Players will make money,
Teams will make money,
Broadcasters will probably make

People will pay for this entertainment through eyeballs and watching lame ads

We are lost! more  

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It is only Glamour that the Corporate Houses and section of public is interested in. They have the money to spend. No question of intellect. Every body knows the exposure that is available to the advertisers. Most of the Corp-orates do not need or hardly worth. Pidilite Industries spend for quality of advertisements, that do not need frequent representations. Ordinary person may remember each one of them after years. I wish they repeat them once in a while, even if to expose how cheap almost all the other advertisements are. How worthless the other advertising agencies are and how un-intelligent are the Corporate executives who approve such investments. Do we feel that there is accountability at the higher levels in Corporate ? more  
Its not an issue deserves discussion in this forum nor a scam as the author of the post has tried to call it to draw attention of the members. The corporate houses are gambling with huge money hoping doubling or tripling their investments. In no way the government or public money is involved nor the viewers of the matches digitally needs to pay anything extra from their pockets. The bidders' money will come back from the advertisers of their products. Let's stop watching on screens or in the stadiums. The IPL events will automatically lose its colour and stop money minting. There is no point in breaking our heads on IPL. more  
This will ironically deprive local talent and destroy the game in the long run. The profiteers will run with the money while the deserving poor in our country will become poorer! The government must put an end to this gambling by another name. more  
This world is always run by few intelligent. more  
It is like this. Some genius has told. Thirteen fools are playing and Thirteen lakh fools are watching by going to the Stadium and thirteen crore fools are watching IPL in Television.They are getting in crores and apart from that they are getting money by acting in advertisement and films e.g.Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth. That is the craze of Cricket throughout the world. Even if they dug out again and again,they get in crores. The selectors are partial.They don't give chance to good players.Even Virat Kohli,Rohit Sharma,Ishan Kishan fail in IPL,they will be selected for World Cup.To go to the stadium,you have to pay exorbitantly.The players are getting yearly amount also in crores.They have lot of cars,Bungalows,land and even BCCI and Govt. is giving them houses if they win against other countries.They marry actresses and live lavishly.This has to be stopped. Other games like Hockey,Tennis,Football,VollelyBall,Swimming,Gymnastics,Weightlifting,Boxing, Archery,Javelin Throw and running including marathon also should be given importance.Public are made fools by seeing this Cricket game.They go to different countries and enjoy their vacation with families.Govt.has to take action and they have to give priority to people who really work hard to come upto a level.Corporate companies and actors are having own teams.Prime Minister Modi,are you listening?Kindly take immediate action.Do not allow to swindle public money.It is hard earned money.In any sport,only deserved people have to get the best emolument.Thanks.Jai Hind!!! more  
Why the Prime Minister of the country should listen.? Its not the Prime Minister for whom the bidders are paying such huge amount. You and me are only responsible for encouraging the advertisers to put their such huge hard earned money at stake. Stop watching cricket, it's charisma will automatically come down to an end today or tomorrow! No viewer pays anything extra for the IPL events and total collections from the stadium goers are only in decimal of the total of the amount. Why should we worry about the income and life style of the cricketers! Whatever they get is out of the money being earned because of them! more  
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