it is really a good concept earlier it takes us 2 hrs to reach office but now it takes us 1 hour. But 4 more things i want to tell that the elderly people who sit back in the scooter do not wear helmets please; the other people who are very rich they think they are dons have a huge challans of them; people do not put indicators while drivings just inform them & very most important please please the people whose their children is about 5 or 6 any they take their kids to the driver seat & drive the car it makes me very shocked please make it a big amount of challans of them.

(INDIAN) more  

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I gladly accept revised rates of challans of vehicles if our police system and PUC centers work with 100% honesty . Alas they are not holy cows. Given the past experience I have found rampant corruption in both areas. If the Govt uses vigilance officers in form of dummy law breakers to check unbridled corruption with on the spot suspension powers this can work well for the benefits of all law abiding citizens. Presence of police should also be increased at all places to check traffic violations and law abiding persons should not be harassed at any cost by them. more  
Whenever some defects/ailments come up in system/body then definitely there will be some root cause(s). Therefore,if we correct the root cause(s) then the defect/ailment will be cured forever. But if we do just cosmetic procedure the the original defect will reappear again. Similarly I feel that the root cause to commit error and not to follow the specified duties/responsibilities is irresponsible attitude towards rules, regulations and individual's sense of realization. This apply on all citizens including Govt.'s regulatory bodies. There is need to develop self realization and duties for each and other i.e. SOCIETY/COMMUNITY and for this EDUCATION FOR ALL & SENSE OF SELF REALIZATION IN EVERYONE ARE MOST ESSENTIAL AND BASIC TOOLS OF MOST OF THE PROBLEMS. Otherwise.... more  
What about the road conditions, locations of red lights and their visibility, markings on roads: are these in perfect and in good conditions. I drive slow particilarly at crossings as you never know who will come from anyside and hit you and it so happens that by the time you cross, opposite side or side traffic starts moving. Once I stoped due to this but was challaned by camera. Another time I stopped in nick of time and was hit from behind. The red light should be much ahead of crossing and there can be one warning line there and another foot crossing line on the road more  
Well, I too thanks the Police for the change on two wheelers brought about. Today in my to and fro journey to Yousufsarai, Delhi, I could not see anyone without a helmet including women on the pillion. The only except was a small kid of 3-4 years sitting sanwitched between the parents (with helmets).

However, my greetings to the Delhi Police will be more flowery after six months when I see the total obsrvation of traffic rules by the two-wheeler drivers, auto-taxi rikshaw drivers and the others.

Besides, the parking of these vehicles must also be disciplined alongside removal of encroachments on roads, in verandahs of the markets, on the footpaths or roadsides, as also extension of roads like we have on both the sides of the Yousuf Sarai.

This is the first sign of reduction in corruption. more  
It is suggested that the cyclist and two wheeler driver must wear fluorescent jackets during the day and night time whenever they drive. This is because most the Cyclist or the two wheeler do not have a back light or its broken and especially during the night time four wheeler driver finds difficult if there is any two wheeler ahead of them but if the two wheeler driver wears the fluorescent jacket, the strips on the jacket will glow and as a result the 4W driver can apply brakes and avoid an accident. more  
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