Swine Flu spreading rapidly in Delhi

Swine Flu is rapidly spreading in Delhi and NCR. I recommend each and everyone of you read this and share.

What is Swine Flu?

Swine flu, also known by its scientific name – H1N1, is a strain of influenza A virus that affects pigs. Influenza A virus is a combination of avian, swine and human genes which is mixed in pigs and then spread to humans. H1N1 causes similar symptoms as that of the regular flu. The virus initially originated in pigs but has since then spread to humans with close contact from such infected pigs.

What Causes Swine Flu?

Even a simple sneeze from an infected person can cause millions of germs to spread through the air. Moreover, H1N1 can linger on most surface areas such as doorknobs, tables and anything that comes in contact with many people. These places are a goldmine for germs and can be dangerous for everyone.

Since swine flu is extremely contagious, it can be spread through mucus particles and saliva. Coughing, sneezing, and touching a surface covered with germs can lead to transmission.

Who’s At Risk and What Symptoms to Looks For?

Anyone who’s in contact with a person or a group of people with swine flu automatically increase their risk. During its first emergency, swine flu was common in younger adults and children who were 5 years or older. However, today risk factors for swine flu are same as that of any other strain of flu.

Just like any other illness, some people are at higher risk than others. For swine flu, these people are at a higher risk:

Children under 5 years old
Adults over 65 years old
Pregnant women
People with a compromised immune system
Symptoms of Swine Flu

Typically, H1N1 causes respiratory illness and the symptoms are more or less similar to that of influenza, including:

A sore throat
Stuffy/runny nose

Preventing Swine Flu – What Doctors Recommend?

Swine flu typically affects pigs, but the virus can indeed spread to humans. It does not matter if someone had contracted swine flu in the past or has never – prevention should be taken seriously for both groups. When it comes to swine flu prevention, the best defense is the best offense – so taking active measures is critical.

Here are some tips to prevent swine flu:

Maintaining Hand Hygiene
The best way for swine flu prevention is by maintaining hand hygiene. Germs can be found in most surface areas and can live on mouth and skin. Since hygiene is associated with disease prevention and health promotion – doctors take it seriously. Thus, effective hand hygiene is a key intervention in the prevention of disease.

Washing hands for at least 15 seconds with soaps such as Dettol Liquid Handwash is highly recommended. People who are often on-the-go should always carry an alcohol-based sanitizer such as Dettol Hand Sanitizer and use it often when they cannot wash hands. Dettol Hand Sanitizer is known in the medical ecosphere for its sanitizing properties and is recommended by the doctors around the world. It kills 99.99% of germs and is the best way to maintain hand hygiene.

Avoiding Contact
People, especially the ones at elevated risk should avoid total contact with those who are sick or show symptoms of swine flu. Furthermore, avoid going to pig barns or maintaining any contact with pigs or other people, if there are any symptoms of swine flu.

Getting Vaccinated
Contact a family doctor or a pediatrician if there are children at home for an annual flu shot. Getting an annual influenza immunization is essential as it avoids complications in the future. Even though it may not protect from swine flu, it can surely prevent other strains of human influenza. Getting a flu shot helps in preventing a situation where a person gets infected with both human and swine influenza at the same time.


Going by the past pandemic, swine flu can be deadly and a cause of concern. Today, doctors are more prepared than ever to tackle this disease. However, people should do their part and adopt healthy habits to keep illnesses such as H1N1 away. Apart from maintaining the mandatory health hygiene, eating a nutritious diet and staying physically active is also critical.

Prevention is better than cure, and it stands correct for swine flu. Hand sanitization is the most significant lifestyle habit to inculcate in swine flu prevention. Other than that, maintaining a physical distance from infected people also contributes to prevention.

So, stay informed and start sanitizing now! more  

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A good and useful information about Swine flu. Thanks. more  
A very informative and helpful post by Mr Rajesh Suri. My thanks to him. more  
Kindly elaborate on Swine flu vaccine in detail.
DR T S Daral more  
Hello dear rajesh suri
It. Seems you are also associated with local circles.
Nice.very informative and supportive

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