Sugary foods bring sold as children immunity boosters

See attached received from a friend this am. Hundreds of such products are being sold in the market as healthy immunity boosting for kids while they are nothing but a sugar injection to them.

Will FSSAI and Consumer Affairs get active on this matter. Why should there not be a standard such that the bottom 30% of the packaging is bright red and says “HIGH SUGAR”

Speak up everyone. more  

It requires funding that will enable large scale production and sales of sugar reduction system to the food industry and subsequent commercialization. The sugar reduction system works by maximizing the efficiency of sugar delivery to the mouth’s sweet taste receptors to enhance the perception of sweetness. Sugar may be reduced by 40% or more in food products without any compromise in taste, mouthfeel or texture, according to sources. Companies are in a race to lead the quest for reducing added sugars while providing consumers with the tastes they love and want. Plans also exist to expand technology platform to include other products and flavors, including salt. For example, the orange juice(OJ) with reduced sugar is a good news for diabetic people all over the world. The energy in the fruit juices is due to the sugar content.Although OJ is high in sugar, it contains less sugar than grape and apple juice. OJ is full of vitamins and minerals, it’s also packed with sugar – one serving may contain almost 1 ounce of the stuff. Plus, the juicing process leaves the juice devoid of the natural fiber found in the whole fruit, so that healthy-feeling glass of OJ isn’t actually as good for us. It requires technology - innovative technology that reduces the load of simple sugars in 100 percent  OJ without taking away the all-orangey taste of the drink. One cannot reduce sugars without reducing sweetness. An enzymatic technology can potentially reduce sugar content in OJs. It uses natural ingredients to convert fructose, glucose and sucrose into prebiotic dietary fibers and other non-digestible molecules. The result is a low-calorie, reduced-sugar product that has the same nutritional values and sweetness of OJ without the use of sweeteners or other additives to replace the sugars. One needs to engineer, design, manufacture and install the bioreactor that reduces sugar. Rest is to produce the immobilized microorganisms used in the enzymatic process. more  
Don't buy them. more  
Please also make the sugar cane juice makers stick a "warning" saying it contains "HIGH SUGAR". Also on every piece of sweets, the "bhayya" makes. more  
Many misleading ads of popular branded human consumables were withdrawn, as the ads were not true. Such ads were prevented by the respective authorities. Even in this case respective authorities to conduct testing of the product and if found the ads were misleading the Company is punishable under consumer products act. more  
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