Staying Warm in Winters - Ideas

1) Hello Ginger

Ginger's natural spiciness helps in clearing the toughest of congestion therefore even when you feel slightest congestion consume some ginger juice. If you find it too sharp then consume ginger in tea. It is advisable to eat a small slice of ginger with your food to keep your immunity strong during winter season.

2) Keep your shoes warm

If your shoes get wet from walking around in cold then insert cardboard in the shoe and place it on top of the sole. The cardboard will absorb all the moisture and keep your feet toasty.

3) Bubble wrap your windows

Cover your windows with bubble wrap for insulation and keep warm in the comforts of your abode.

4) Keep your bed warm

All you want to do is jump in your bed to enjoy the warmth of your bed but you wish your bed was warmer? Place a hot water bottle in bed half an hour before you get into it so that when you finally enter your bed will be snug and cozy.

5) Keep your windshield clean

Cover the windshield wipers with socks to deal with a foggy and misty winter day. The sock on the wiper will help you attain better visibility.

6) Pool Noodles for boots

No one likes slouchy boots. To avoid that situation insert pool noodles inside your boots to keep them erect.

7) Hot chocolate

There is no better way to keep warm than enjoying a steaming mug of hot chocolate. No reasoning here. Just the thought of melted chocolate in milk is good enough to keep us happy and cozy. more  

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Hi dear Vijaya, Thank you very much for your mail regarding Ginger. George Paul South Delhi more  
Boiled water with Kachhi haldi or Adrak can be used for gargle many times a day without any side effects. more  
Bhrastarik, Surya bhedi and some more Pranayams are extremely helpful in keeping away from cold and cough. more  
take ginger juice with a little black salt & in a small quanyity only while going to bed. more  
Taking too much of ginger can cause complications for the people suffering from acidity. So be careful. Dr G L Moondra more  
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