Stents for Heart patients and deaths.

My younger brother aged 47 had mild heart attack, and was done initial Thrombolysis at local hospital and moved to Jayadeva hospital bangalore city. Due to space constraints further he was shifted to Colombia Asia and stent was put in with lot of blood thinners. After a week he died to brain hamorrage. Doctors charged 7 lacs and said they are helpless
My sister in law had heart attack on 20th April and was rushed to Forrtis Cunnigham road immediately procedure was done and stent was inserted and she died suddenly on 9th May, they charged 3.5lacs and said sorry.
Many others feel stents are not needed, but they convince so much to have it.
Is there no one to help us? We lost two young family members and family suffering . If doctors and Hospital need money we can donate, how to bring the dead ones back now?? more  

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DEAR LAKSHMAN INAMDAR,very sorry to learn about the untimely demise of your close relatives.Of course,you may not bring them back,but ,to me,it is important to make sure these DOCTORS are punished ..the punishment should be so severe that they remember it for their LIFE TIME.
2.Get guidance from the National Help Line for the CONSUMERS 1600 11 4000.
3.You have to file a MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE case for each death separately with the CONSUMER COURT.If you have time,you may move yourself,but a Doctor's guidance is necessary to make the COMPLAIN LETTER..which normally has two parts.The first part is the incident supported by relevant DOCUMENTS...the last part will be your demand for compensation.It will be wise to consult a LAWYER who has experience of dealing with such HEALTH RELATED/DOCTOR'S negligence cases.
4.Meanwhile,lodge two separate COMPLAINS with the LOCAL POLICE STATION with copies of all the relevant papers..and send the them(THE ACKNOWLEDGED GD) to the HOSPITAL by Speed POST with AD...
With kind regards.BN DAS more  
Many thanks Mr. Das for your support, after loosing these members I am finding hard to support their families. I am literally dried out of energy levels. Will definitely sit and do something on this. more  
The actual problem lies buried under the fact: "too many patients and too less facilities/doctors" in our over-populated country. This equation needs to be addressed ...... now and consistently !! more  
The multi specialist Hospitals are doing all rots of tactic to force the patient to come in line for treatment. more  
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On Wed, May 15, 2019 at 12:01 PM Lakshman Inamdar <>

> more  
Though no amount of condolences can bring back precious lives of persons died,on reading these narrations, one is pained and tempted to express heartfelt condoloences to both Mr.Lakshman Inamdar who lost his two close family members and also to Mr.Narella Kameswararao who lost his wife due, obviously, to medical negligence.

When suddenly an heart attack or such serious complications happens to one of the near and dear family members, it is but natural that close relatives and friends will be eager to seek immediate medical care from the best available Doctors/hospitals and may, in most cases, be eager to go ahead treatments as per their advice. Knowing very well the pschological and mental trauma of the family members at that crucial moment, treating Doctors/Hospitals many a times takes such opportunities to easily lure them to obtain their consent for undertaking unwarranted surgeries and medical procedures including putting of Stents in the patients. It is very difficult to resist to such advices and/or go against the treating Doctor's advice as no one will be ready to take risk on the life of the sick family member. If at all one take courage to bear the risk and go in for another opinion, and if something goes wrong out of that and patient lost his life, the life of the family member who took the risky decision will be ruined by other near and dear ones! I state this from my own past experience when we have taken such a risky step for second opinion as suggested by the patient himself in case of one of our near relatives who ultimately lost his life due to a massive heart attack happened in the hospital itself just 8 hours prior to the scheduled heart surgery in another hospital where from second opinion was taken. Now, most of the family members feel guilty that we have gone for a second opinion to another hospital ! So, always there are two sides. Perhaps, had we acted as per the advice given by the first hospital, we would have saved the precious life of our relative.

I fully endorse the suggestion given herein by Mr.Kameswara Rao Kolluri that it is an urgent need for the Parliament of India to bring a uniform law in the country that "during the indoor treatment or within a certain period thereafter if the patient dies, the treating Doctor/Hospital will not be entitled for any charges including treatment or otherwise." Unless such a stringent provision is enacted and strictly implemented, the present sorry state of affairs would continue and helpless patients and their family members will be looted by the Doctors/Hospitals by dishonest means. However, one is afraid that considering the fact most of the Hospitals and owned/operated by the big Industrial Houses and/or people who are either active politicians or closely connected with the political parties, such a legal provision can never be expected in our country unless some miracle happens! Perhaps, strong public opinion must canvassed to force our new Government at the Centre to bring such a law and for this purpose all Consumer activists must come together. A PIL in the honourable SC will be another option for this purpose.

Coming to the instant case, as suggested by many members, I too feel that immediate steps be taken to move the Consumer Court concerned by engaging good lawyer for medical negligence with required evidence. more  
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