States to realize and S.C. to step ahead

Demonetization of ’16 identified 17.73 lakh suspicious cases ; 3.68 Lakh Crores worth Suspicious Deposits ; 2.24 Shell Companies. 1st raid was in Tamilnadu Seizing 200 Crores while Congress Sri Rahul criticised as to why Tamilnadu is targeted by BJP? Locating these identified issues had been very very slow in ’16, ’17, ’18 also. Upon ’19 Checks and Raids, Such Supporting States seriously criticising the IT Raids and even instigating Religions AND IS ANTI NATIONAL.
Black Money in Swiss and other Banks is already in abeyance. The Drive on the Identified suspicious Accounts of ’16 also are in abnormal delay in Checks and Raids. This has given way for some States and Parties to reject operation of CBI and E.D. also in their States.
Frauds and loot of Govt Funds , Public Finances have been identified since 2005 in increasing trend, and ; huge NPAs started generation from 2006-2008 in Large and Corporate Sectors WHILF NONE OF Executive, P.A. and Policing took interest to eradicate this ANTI NATIONAL AND ANTI SOCIAL FISCAL FRAUDS.
States and Supreme Court of India need to set a step ahead at National Interest to Save National and State Funds as well as Public Finances SINCE THIS IS THE BASIC DUTY OF RULING PARTIES AND THE JUDICIARY. is requested to take up this public issue even now to save the 65% general public who had been striving for EDUCATION , EARNING EVEN SELF EMPLOYMENT. more  

TV News notified that daily 100 Crores is Seized in '19 Election period and amounted to 2,500 Crores as on date while 2014 witnessed 1,200 Cr. in total. The way the Booths Captured, the way Political Clashes resulted in Hospitalization and even 2 deaths in AP, and the other issues on EVMs and VV Pads wherever Ruling and Opposition are in tug of war, prove that SUPREME COURT NEED TO MAKE ALL CONSTITUITIONAL BODIES REALIZE of their Fundamental Oath on Duty and discharge under Constitutional Mandates.
OTHERWISE, IT WILL END AS 'POLITICAL DEMOCRACY' instead of people's Democracy that adopted in Indian Constituent Assembly please. more  
Earlier directive Judgments of Supreme Court need to be put in practice at National Interest and People's Public interest more  
SC today seriously commented on the limited Authorities of E.Cs. Also questioned EC's silence on enforcing Election Code. Offences relating to Elections aught to be exercised by Election Commissions and CEC to have committed, accountable and Justified Rule in the Country. more  
S.C. 2 days back directed the Political Parties to submit the details of Electoral Bonds to S.C. in sealed Covers. Accountability to Constitutional Mandates, shall not allow the names and amount paid to Political Parties towards Donations/Subscriptions/or in the name of Electoral Bonds.

Transparency, Trustworthiness shall not give way for encouraging usage of Black Money or Corrupted Income. In 2013 also, Congress together other Parties denied and defied this move of E.C. while the President of the Country and Supreme Court also could intervene. National Interest is thus still to be upheld.

Protecting the Political Parties and the rights of Privacy of such Donors/Subscribers IS IN DEED AGAINST THE CONSTITUTIONAL NORMS while the Offences relating to Elections under Sec 171 A to J had been grossly neglected in penalization since last 6 Decades.

Even the issue of Black Money, Corrupted Income, Concealed Wealth since 6 Decades has been willfully allowed in the Country and the List of Individuals/ Enterprises that were identified as having been deposited in Swiss etc., Banks [I think] IS ALSO PENDING IN Supreme Court.

Many Cases pertaining to Hundi operations ; Money Laundering ; Quid Pro-quo too had been pending in several departments of POLICING while a considerable Cases are pending in various Courts since long.

Under these circumstances while there are many issues linked with Corrupt practices in Banking Sector ; SEZ, Knowledge/Export Parks etc., which are running towards NPAs, NEGLECT ON TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC AND Government Funds/Finances is indeed against to the Constitutional Objectives and even anti-national and need fast interference by S.C., the ultimate Constitutional Organ for JUSTIFIED RULE IN THE COUNTRY. more  
AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu, criticism INSTIGATING Muslims Upon PM and MODI is anti national and punishable by EC in the 1st place please. more  
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