Spinal Pain remedies

My father aged 85 years is suffering from acute lower back pain since last 6 months -due to degeneration of inter-vertebral lower discs. Specialist ruled out surgery due to his age and pain killers and medication only provides temporary relief.
Any remedy to overcome the acute pain. more  

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curable by Acupressure / Acupuncture along with magnet , hammer therapy more  
Try all pathies.But I think Setu bhandasav is a great pain reliever along with Tadasan.These r streaching exercises and i got relief very soon.He has to lie down on bed and lift his sit upwards.Any body can help him.Try and see. more  
try with a doctor of medicine who does acupuncture. more  
Ajai, I forgot to say that even though your father is in pain, there are gyms that have trained coaches, who can adapt gentle exercises for your father. My daughter and son-in-law own a gym and I go there. I first went to the YMCA but the leaders weren't certified and didn't know how to adapt anything. Personally, speaking from experience, I would start with gentle stretches and walking on the treadmill. The stretching gently stretches the muscles, which relaxes them. Relaxed muscles don't hurt as much. So the splinting muscles start relaxing, layer by layer. Now this doesn't mean that the primary pain is gone, but it does mean that the muscles around the spine don't hurt, which cuts down on the overall pain. Since I belong to the "been there, done that" club, stretches should be done next to a wall or with the back of a chair to hold on to if balance issues crop up. The treadmill is wonderful because there are build in handles, the speed is adjustable, and the "path" is smooth to walk on. Do wear a good supportive pair of sneakers, make sure there is a wide toe box so there is room for his feet to swell a bit. This is natural. Now having a 97 year old father-in-law, I know all the arguments against going to the gym, against stretching, against walking. There will be enough excuses to fill a book. Excuses don't help. Excuses get you nowhere. Yes, your father is 85 and in pain. I am 69 and when I started in the gym, I was in remission from polymyalgia rheumatica and my muscles were like marshmallows. My back hurt so much I wasn't sure I could do any of it. I decided that I wanted to be able to play with my grandchildren, to do everything I used to do. I worked very hard, my muscles hurt the next day, but I kept going. The first day, I walked out of the gym on "spaghetti legs" and finally climbed into the car. Then I realized that I had a clutch. Sounds stupid, but I was so overwhelmed that I wasn't sure I could push it in. I drove the three miles home, climbed the 6 steps in the house and sat on the couch for two hours. I was dripping sweat, but couldn't move because I wasn't at all sure I could stand up in the shower. Each day it got easier at the gym. One minute exercises than 30 seconds to rest, get a drink, mop the sweat off. It took me over 30 seconds to get up off the floor, but I never gave up. I got used to working without a break. Now I'm not trying to brag, I just trying to say that if there is a goal in mind, if there is a will to succeed, then there is a way to do it. None of this stuff is a panacea, the pain is still there, but his body is relaxing, his mind becomes more meditative [since there is not much you can think about while you are exercising], and with everything a pain clinic can help with, back pain becomes much more manageable. I hope this helps in some small way. more  
Ajai, The older we get the more things we have and the more we go through. We use and abuse our bodies when we are younger, either for work or sports, and just know that we will recover. Then we get older and we don't recover. Arthritis sets in, as does degeneration. I have both and I understand your concern for your father. That being said I will only talk about my own experience. I have been taking a cox-2 inhibitor because it is a selective inhibitor, to try and forestall any increase in arthritis. It has continued it's course, and I keep in mind that the new pain means the arthritis is progressing, not that the medication is not working. I was referred to a pain clinic, went there in dispair, thinking I was being palmed off because no one wanted to deal with a progressive disease that has no end. Braving my fears and going to the clinic was one of the best things I have ever done. The doctor was wonderful. He asked me if I had heard of one of the many things in their arsenal of treatments and I had to say no. He told me we had a lot to talk about. He showed me my x-rays and CT scan and explained everything he saw. Now, while your father is a male, he could have osteoporosis, which compounds everything. I have it. There are medications to help increase bone mass, and stop some of the calcium leaching. The first thing they did at the clinic was to discuss my options. So I went in for facet shots. These are injections within the vertebral spaces, or what is left of them. Also, even if you think you are brave, ask for a pain killer ahead of time. These things hurt in an area that is already inflamed and very sensitive. A steroid is a part of the shot, which works over time to relieve some of the inflammation. I've had it done several times. This is not a panacea for all ills. It works slowly. I found that cold packs, these are microwaveable gel packs that can be warm or cool, work very well. I never use ice packs. They can only be used for 20 minutes per hour and they can "burn" the skin. I keep about 8 or 10 I've acquired over the years, that I keep in the bottom of the refrigerator. I use them liberally and there is no limit to how long I use them. I lay on them to bring down the internal swelling while I sleep or lay on the couch during the day. I also use them to relieve the referred pain. One of the most confounding things about nerves is that they are like a straw. You can squeeze them in the middle and the pain you experience might be right where you squeeze, or it might be experienced anywhere along that straw. So your back pain may be experienced anywhere in your body, which means ridding yourself of at least some of the pain so you can trace it back to its origin. I also spontaneously fractured one vertebrae, went in for a bone cement injection to bring the vertebrae up and they found a second one just below it had fractured the week before. The following month another one fractured and was also treated. Now, one of the more fun parts of aging is the following: you will feel all the things you put your body through when you were younger....the great payback. All of the aforementioned treatments help some, but nothing does the entire job. The pain clinic also put me on gabapentin, an anticonvulsant, that was discovered to treat nerve pain. As I have stated, none of the treatments are a panacea, and none of them are permanent, except the hone cement. Doctors can ease pain but not eliminate it. Pain killers can ease pain but nothing will eliminate it [also narcotics can cause constipation so bad that the pain rivals the condition you are treating and the pain killer will not stop this pain]. None of the above are surgery, so talk to a pain clinic doctor. I found a saying once that said: it is easier to prevent pain than to treat it. Very true, however, we are well past that stage. I also use Reiki on myself, not to heal me, but to ease the pain. It relaxes the surrounding tissue. Where ever there is pain, our body will splint it by "stiffening" the surrounding muscles. This "stiffening" will continue and grow wider. So relaxing the surrounding muscles will decrease some of the pain. Watching your father suffer is very hard. The man who could take care of everything when you were younger now looks to you for help. Perhaps the above will help you decide which doctor or clinic to use. I hope so. Please let us know how you are making out and what questions his new treatment[s] may have brought up. more  
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