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Seems like after we have moved to India, my husband and I are ageing much faster. We are generally a happy and easy going family and stress is not the cause. Many of you have been living here a long time and since you are in this circle, you are health conscious also. Please suggest how one can retain the glow and not age fast while still managing daily life in a not so ideal air and water quality environment.
Also, I really like what Mr. Chandra says below. more  

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I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Satya Pal Ratti and also with his wife's approach to living life in India. I am also a IIiIian retired engineer, though I lived always in Delhi/Jaipur and fully agree with Mrs. Ratti's "joys of living in India". All of us must live for a week or fortnight in a village or a two tier city at least once, and see the diversity in indian life and enjoy that. I am in GK-I, 9873915166, regards more  
Anita. Very well said. Regards. more  
Mr Satyapal & Mr Chandra - you both are very true in your understanding & explaining the nitty-gritties of life, which need to be faced for survival, with grit & centre-ing of your own true self, which is vital for sustaining our soul. That is the ultimate truth. One has to face it with a smile. more  
Payal. I may add what Satyapal has said. Face is the mirror refelection of the Heart. When Heart is sad your Face relects it. When your Heart is Happy your face is Happy. When you are Stressed your face reflects it. It is easy to say, but try and not be stressed. When you look at others who are not well placed as you, probably you will thank God for his Blessings on you. This itself will be a de-stressing factor for you. Try and always be Happy without a reason. Why I say without a reason. Because if the reason is taken away you will become Unhappy. Happiness will come from making others happy and that will make your Skin Glow for ever. No make up on the face can be replaced by the Glow of Happiness on your face which is the best Natural Make up. I see in U.S. people may have the Materialistic Wealth, but lack the Beauty made up of Happiness. Why because they are always stressed up. Working 24/7 like a Human Machine. more  
My comment is for Payal Jain who feels as if they have been ageing much faster since they moved back to India.....she says, she misses the skin glow. I feel addressed directly on this point, because even we returned to Mother India after 45 years of living Europe and in Singapore. Look, my dear Payal, the facts are that life in India cannot be compared to that in the West, in so far as daily comfort and dependability on civil services is concerned, and where you can concentrate on the more important things of life viz. pursuing your it sports, music or going to the gym or the library. In India, most of your time is "wasted, I repeat WASTED" in waiting for your household help to come on time. And however experienced that "help" may be, they need fresh coaching/cajoling for every new activity........they simply "refuse" to learn and adapt. Is it that their IQ is deficient? No way, they are very street smart. You've got to be better than them, if you wish them to obey you. Most of your "other" time is spent in running after plumbers, electricians, masons and what not, because every other day something or the other is going wrong in your household. Your driver falls sick specially on the day when you need him the most. Someone from the Jal Board or from a Gurudwara suddenly knocks at your door and tries to convince you how it would raise you spiritually if you contributed "massive" amounts of money for their cause.........and these people do not even carry any IDs. On any thinkable or unthinkable secular festival Chithiwallas, Koodawallas, Courierwallas, Mandir/Gurudwarawallas etc. ring your doorbell at "unearthly hours"........when it's time for us Seniors to rest a while after lunch....and ask for donations. My dear wife is immensely amused when I term these "impedances to stressless life" as "the joys of living in India". But the fact remains, that these factors do contribute towards "mental stress" which you've not known while you were living in the West (I am assuming that this is so in your case...). This, and nothing else, my dear, "softly kills the glow" which you talk about. Facial glow is a direct function of inner contentment and is inversely proportional to mental stress. So, get used to taking things as they are in here and stop trying to change things or people. The sooner your start going with the stream, the sooner will that glow that you miss return to your countenance. I've tried it out; I sincerely wish you better success. Forget about all the vitamins and sunshines and diet suggestions. What one needs is "inner cleansing", if you follow what I mean. Seek and reach your axis........everything else will quieten down! And, last not least, do meet up with us some time and let's share thoughts and experiences of having lived outside of India and in India. India has been our domicile since 2002 (I retired from professional activity then) and we live in Safdarjung Enclave. Mobile phone: 81 3026 0511 or 98 1846 1854. This Local Circle is not meant for exchanging thoughts and opinions by mail only. May your God be with you.........always1 more  
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