Should we switch cooking oils

I want to know from experts in the circle if switching cooking oils is a good idea from vegetable to olive to groundnut to sesame etc or should one use same oil through the year? more  

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Simply switching oils won't make you healthy. The most healthiest oil is sesame oil arguably followed by Olive and Coconut. Organic Red color Palm oil is also as healthy as coconut oil but is rarely found what we get is hexane(a petrochemical) solvent extracted Palm oil. Mustard oil also is very good. The reason one switches oils in summer and winter is if the quality of the oil is heaty. Sesame oil is considered heaty. So it is not used in Summer instead coconut oil or mustard oil is used depending on the region. Same way in winter one does not use Mustard oil as it is very cooling. But nobody has every died of heat or cold from consuming corresponding foods. This is related to ayurveda where "ushna" and "thampu" hot and cold properties of foods makes a significant impact when a person is sick only. We use cold pressed sesame oil all year around never had any heat issues. Yes if you are sick then these things matter. otherwsie I don't think it matter. What is more important is the wrong information shared here. Like Canola oil being healthy it is unhealthy and rape seed oil general solvent extracted rape seed was contimainted with Mustard oil in a conspiracy by soy oil industries in rajasthan where many people died. Canada growers apparently created a low acid version of rape seed hence "CANOLA" which loosly is Canada Low acid. Rape seed was used as Industrial Oil in engines when the industry switched to synthetic oils Along with Canola/Rapessed, Flax seeds and Cottonseed lost their market. Even rice bran oil. Only Flax seed is healthy from these. And is actually a oil seed. Rape seed also is an oil seed but is dangersous. While Cottonseed and ricebran have less than 2 percent oil content and rice bran is not even a seed. So these have to be extracted only through Solvent extraction which is a petrochemical somehwere between Keroses and Diesel called Hexane. The seeds are literally boiled in Hexane for a layman just imaging boiling seeds in diesel. Then to remove the smell and taste it is heated to high temperatures. So these petrochemicals evaporate. They say there is no residue but it creates other toxic compounds. Also this burns the actual raw material. So the oil is thick and black like crude oil. Then these companies simply refine it with the help of bleaching powder. They separate the fats with caustic soda and the slurry is sold to soap companies and then toxic and dangerous anti-foarming and anti-splashing agents are added. Not top protec the consumer form foaming and splashing but to avoid losses while packing. These agents are like acid in undiluted form they cause 4 degree burns. In diluted form they cause irritation on the throat. We ignore it thinking "oily food will give some throat irritation" but it is just diluted acid like agents burning your throat midlly. That is why today people cannot eat spicy food they complain that their throat is burnign. Spicy food is not the problem the oil is. So this is how most oils are extracted even expeller pressed oils like groundut sunflower are bad if refined as the process is the same. All oils are not extracted with hexane as the process is automatic and much easier than expeller pressed where a lot of filters have to be used it is very difficult to automate expeller pressed at large scale and even harder for Cold pressed. So all oil are hexane extracted unless mentioned on the pack. Like Groundnut oil you get double filtered. Double filtered can only be expeller pressed as hexane extracted groundnut oil will be black and it will need chemical refining and even doeodorising it is called RBD process(Refined Bleach and deodorised) So don't think too much about switching oils first limit your oil choices to coconut sesame, mustard and Olive(only for salads etc thought coconut and sesame also make good salad dressings) and groundnut and sunflower can be used sparingly though it is difficult to get double filtered sunflower. At home cold pressed sunflower can be used. safflower is also good but it is generally refined. So when visiting restaurants or eating outside groundnut sunflower and safflower can be prefferred. Apart from that don't consume anything from worst being cottonseed. Palm, corn , soy, canola or any other oil. If you can get your hands on organic Mahua oil that is a good alternative to ghee and it has a lot of health benefits. Apart from that hemp seed oil is also good but its just too costly to use on a daily basis and it really does not have any exclusive health benefits. To conclude oils are to be used sparingly it is not a whole food. Olive oil is healthy but it is best consumed raw as a dressing. more  
Olive oil is the healthiest but can the ordinary middle class man afford it?? It is good to change oils, from groundnut to sesame to canola to rice brand as I have read it is good for health. more  
Canola oil is unhealthy was used only for industrial purposes until industry switched to synthetic oil.
Canola is a shortform of Canada Low Acid.
It is low acid form of rape seed which is used to contaminated Mustard oil and is very bad for health. more  
Olive oil is the most healthy by far. Other oils should be used only if a particular recipe requires, for taste, such as sesame oil in oriental cuisine, or coconut oil in S. Indian dishes, or mustard oil in N. Indian dishes (pickles). more  
Switching oils for the sake of flavor, smoke point and the kind of cooking one is planning to do should be OK by keeping the following in view: - Best oils to cook with: Pure Ghee, Butter, Coconut oil, Olive oil - Next best: Mustard (not a good choice for very high heat cooking), Sunflower, Palm - Not recommended: Vegetable Oils, Canola, Soy, Flax-seed, Corn, Cotton-seed more  
Khao sarson jio varson. For change sake use til n groundnut oil. In coastal areas people consume coconut in different forms. more  
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