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Govt. is only to extract taxes for its leaders. Senior Citizens get concessional or free welfare measures in a welfare state. Ours is a leaders govt. for its own welfare. Revenue hardly meets its lower level welfare of leaders & schemes would be possible only if any surplus. There is no possibility of theirs any facility in next two decades. In case criminals selection continues,will never be possible. Voters have to change preferences & select leaders in appropriate proportions without criminals for any change.
Further, opposition has to be set up in our political system or change constitution in favour of dictatorship & end all expectations of public welfare. Pay more taxes to get ruled by criminals & don't even expect any justice for law abiding citizens. You have accumulate sufficient for your needs & protection money in old age.
Adopt new order of politics & supremacy of leaders elected with your own vote, an undefined elite class formed at their own for their own benefits & immunity from criminal actions for illegal acts in society. more  

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There are lot of Sr. Citizens who are lawyers , Advocates , retired Judges & secretarial levels, who knows the system. what they are doing ? just sitting Idle in Home & enjoying Govt. Pension ? In fact theses peoples should come up to make strong POSITIVE Opposition to Govt. If Govt. Is doing wrong or the decisions are wrong then how to rectify it at correct level. But here also they will play politics. Good Decision will be get basket for their own selfishness. more  
Senior citizens are facing huge hardship not only for lowering interest rates in SCSS, Post Office MIS, etc. but also for withdrawal of railway ticket concession, steep increase of domestic gas price by approx. 50%, etc. Request Local Circles to take up the senior citizens concern with the GOI for sympathetic consideration. more  
Our beloved PM is not looking at the plight of the senior citizens at all. A senior citizenship starts at the age of 60. From 60 yrs itself they are not eligible for any benefits. They are treated as an accursed class of people. Even the Govt Ayush is not available to senior citizens. i am 64 but when i travel in a bus i cannot get a concession even though i possess a senior citizen card issued by the department of women and child welfare. I am not eligible for credit cards, no loans excepting on my Gold, no reduction in medicines and hospitalization no health insurance. even Covid 19 health insurance stops at 55 yrs. Sir, are the senior citizens not citizens of India? What unpardonable sins have we committed that we are deprived of the basic necessities the others enjoy? The medicines, vegetables, groceries, all have taxes (now GST) being paid by us but no recognition of the payments. we do not get any entertainment at concession prices. The prices are exorbitant. what about those people who do not get any pension. The Government should help us in start-ups by giving us interest free loans, if we are not eligible for employment. We also need to live till death takes us away. Please do consider us also as humans and not burdens. We have looked after our seniors with love and affection and have kept our parents with us till they decided to leave us and go their eternal homes next to GOD, and we expect the same from the younger generation. Respect, Affection and kindness being meted out to us. more  
In the Present Govt only PM is clear on his Vision Passion for Bharat. His selection process of Finance Ministers is not appreciated by majority of people. He should select a Professional person like he selected a Ex Secretary for External Relations portfolio, like wise he should select a professional person like Raguram Rajan or Ex-RBI Governors or Call the Presidents of Chartered Accountants Association, Cost Accountants, FICCI, Assocham, Company Secretaries and make them sit in a conference room for a full one day to discuss among them self for betterment of Country and ask them to recommend two names to him and he should choose one of them. Then only Country will move forward. India is huge Country which is second most populous dynamic country. more  
Our leaders after completing their Tenure gets all their Perks and Previlages and the same case is with Team players and so but Senior Citizens are not exempted from Income Tax nor they are having other Perks and Previlages. more  
Eversince Modi Govt. has come to power, senior citizens are getting wrong end of stick repeatedly. Drastic reduction in income due lower interest rates on deposits, all kinds of charges by banks on any flimsy grounds like minm. deposit or chequebook etc., seniors need healthcare maxm. but Govt. instead of providing free healthcare charges huge GST on policy premiums, senior citizen discounts being stealthily stopped etc. - there is a long list. However, Modi Govt. was exceptionally prompt in revising MPs. compensation & also linking it with price index. Modi brazenly indulging in vote bank politics. more  
Sir, Let us not name anyone. Instead let us request the govt to help us to meet our requirements as senior citizens. Let the Govt. help us by giving us interest free loans for start-ups, with a minimum 2 years no repayment but monthly progress reports to be sent to the bank that provided the loan with an copy to the Govt. authorities. if the authorities observe any hitch or slow development then provide help by Providing free consultants or free marketing personnel as the case might be. The start-up can be in the field of the senior citizen's experience. for eg. if he / she was a tyist then give them typing jobs. All old records can be retyped or digitized if they know word / excel. similarly if he /she was a teacher provide them with tutions for children who are weak in any subject such as languages, history, geography, maths, computer science etc; There are many ways the Govt. can help the Senior Citizens (SCns) if they really want to.

I request the local circles to come to our help and make a strong representation of our plight to the Government on our behalf. We will be ever grateful to Local Circles for this great help. more  
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