Seek remedy for freckle like black spots on feet

I shall be 64 this January. Recently, a month or so before I noticed black spots on both my feet (more on right feet). Except the stains, I do not have any problem with this.

What is it and would appreciate if someone suggests remedy for it?

I am taking for the last 12 years : atorvastatin, irsbestarn , amlodepin for the high BP. more  

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This appears to be a case of varicose veins. The following natural remedies will help.
1. Your weight is on higher side. Reduce it to about 80 Kg or less. Your food intake should have minimum 50% consisting of salads, green vegetables and fruits. Please keep a gap of minimum 30 minutes between meals and salads and and fruits. Better take fruits in breakfast.
2. Keep your feet knee deep in hot bearable water with a towel soaked in cold or normal water on your scalp and forehead for 15 to 30 minutes. Adding hot water in some intervals is also plus.
3. Do any yogasana like sarvangasana, urdhavasan, vipreet karni etc. where your feet are much above the head level. If not conversant, keep any object like thick pillow etc. below your feet while sleeping or sitting.
4. If you have to sit for a long time, please raise the level of your feet as much as possible by keeping them on a stool.
5. Give mud pack on your entire legs for one hour. Sitting in bearable sun rays will be more helpful. Wash your legs with normal water after one hour.
6. About 40 minutes walk including some brisk walk daily will help.
7. Take a wide width cotton bandage or a cotton cloth. Take few tomatoes and cut then into slices. Now put these slices from heels till knee and covering with bandage or cotton cloth simultaneously. Keep it till you feel some strange sensation in your legs covered with tomatoes with bandage. After some time remove bandage and tomato slices from legs and wash with normal water.
8. Continue your medicines for cholesterol and high blood pressure as per your doctors' advice. Also get checked your blood sugar and thyroid levels and take treatment as advised by your doctor.

All the above treatments/procedures may continue simultaneously as per your convenience till you will feel the difference in black spots/stripes after few days. Continue as per your needs.
Have faith in yourself. May God help and bless you. more  
Capt Raj ji, well said. But sometimes these petty/trivial thing become big enough and difficult to control. Then they would be hindrance in enjoyment. Let me see how my worthy members advise. Thanks to all for their comments.

I am not taking any medicine other than already mentioned for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I do take supplements: capsules 2 daily Vegan Omega-3 DHA or soft gel one daily of omega 3-6-9 (fish+flax+borage). My height is 6 ft 2 inches and weight is 105 kilos. I have osteoarthritis of left knee. more  
Statins have been proved to have lot of side effects. It is always better to use home food remedies like fibre rich food and other food items like ginger, garlic and onions. Oats and barley also help. If one takes interest in having the right type of food, statins will not be necessary in most cases. more  
Pl inform your height and weight and a full photgraph in minimum clothing. Dr G L Moondra more  
Even if we do not eat any medicine we still get many changes as we grow old .When you take any medicine ,that also will have an effect in the long run .You have to remember one thing that what we read ,hear and see are not completely true .We only know a very little about each affair. All medicine have many unknown effect and even all the food you eat also have an effect .It will only appear in the long run .You may find some remedy in naturopathy .This is not a treatment but it is a way of life .Your complete life style changes with this naturopathy .It is bit difficult initially but if you continue ,you will find amazing changes .However try to use some skin moistening cream immediately on completion of bath may slowly change this .If you can get jergen moistening cream it may find relief bit faster . more  
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