My mother suffers from Sciatica pains and it becomes worse in winters. Is there a permanent treatment in Homeopathy for Sciatica? more  

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Sciatica is a pain which starts in the lower back and runs along the sciatic nerve through one or both nerves. It is the longest nerve in the body.

Symptoms: A shooting pain or spasm in the lower back and along the sciatic nerve that runs from the hip through the thigh to the ankle.

The causes are: Trauma, hernia, a ruptured or slipped disc in the lumbar vertebrae- 3, 4 & 5 and the coccyx (at the base of the spinal column). The inflammation of the nerve is called neuritis.

The principal suggested treatment is:

Rest and application of hot water and latter cold (ice) on the lower back and on the leg/ Rest/ Stretching, sit on a bed or chair. Carefully lower your head towards your knee 15 to 20 times, using your hands to help you straighten up/ Afterwards, massage hot aloe lotion with eucalyptus into the sore area. more  
These are common causes however sciatica could be because of
1. trauma
2. space occupying lesions
3. conditions aarising due to nerves
4. hip anomalies
5. spinal causes
6. compression, degeneration or arthrosis etc etc.....
there are many more, one need to be sure of what he/she is treating...for that one can follow the basic protocol
1. history and examination of the patient
2. detailed case taking per homoeopathic requirements
3. intelligent use of labs and investigatory procedure - only to confirm the diagnosis, if required.
4. classification of the patient per Hom Rx
5. prescription and follow ups
6. support therapy like physiotherapy, supplements etc purely case based aapproach. more  
As a Homoeopath myself, I would like to tell you that most of the patients
find a lot of relief from intensity and frequency of pain when on
Homoeopathic medication for sciatica.
It is caused by faulty posture or injury to the spine due to over lifting
or trauma, after ascertaining the cause regular exercises also need to be
done to strengthen the spine and muscles around it.

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Vivek: be aware of of people with little experience in life and no practical experience as well more  
Vivek: follow the scientific process, understand the cause and then go for any treatment you may want but be cautious to meet people who donot understand or undermine the value of understanding of pathology and medicine and go into self proclaimation mode.... more  
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