School Fee Increases

Can parents of Delhi please vote on this issue and also share how much fee increases you saw in 2022. Also like UP high court. Why isnt Delhi high court ordering schools to refund 15% fees for 2020-21 period more  

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Let alone increase, schools please refund 15% fees for 2020-21 period when teachers especially incurred all the overheads involved doing the academic, while students too stayed home attending classes online. Parents incurred overheads, electricity being a major one, especially during hot summer months, that otherwise schools include while teaching students. Social function too providing midday meals were saved by schools. Parents association take the matter up. Many beneficiary students, coming under right to education category, dependant entirely upon school providing them 1 meal a day, and tutoring, too turned dropouts. What about that? Schools need remember their social function. more  
The investors buy or sell stocks on the basis of their greed or fear. Plethora of information of a given company is be available in public domain to take final decision whether to invest or not in a the particular company and at what price /valuations keeping in view future prospects of business. How many Hindenburg type companies are there in India to awaken general investors/SEBI/mutual funds. Hindenburg report said to have taken 2 years to put 88 point questionaire and much part of that information may not be there in public domain particularly about manipulation of stock price by the promoter's firms. The alleged business conglomerate has come out with a report of 413 pages but still said to have omitted many important points. SEBI should throughly investigate this matter for a healthy stock market of India. There should be no cover up story behind it. Let the dark truth should come out as happened in case of Hashad Mehta"s scam, which occured in 1992. Our opposition parties should not denigrate our public institutions like LIC and SBI. Their such action will push them towards privatization only because no higher officials would like to take best financial decisions in the interest of their orgationisations to maintain best profitabiliy.Moreover , their business may also suffer due to negative image being created by the opposition.Ultimately private insurers or Banks may get unduly benefitted out of it. I hope opposition parties are already against of privatization of profit making companies particularly. more  
Modi bhagton, your duty to always abuse Kejriwal. more  
DAV school is asking parents to pay the additional arrears of last year (till Oct'22) as Delhi High Court has put the case on the favor of schools.... In my humble opinion, we should go for Panchayat type judiciary system where the voice of people can heard...! more  
Nav Yug school started by NDMC at zero cost to students is an ideal high quality s school started in late 60s or so. Adopt that model .Even upper middle class is keen to send children to Nav Yug school. more  
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