Rules for Juice Stall owners and FSSAI

A friend sent me hygiene rules/guidelines by FSSAI we should be aware of when having juice in market/roadside

Every juice stall owner has to display his/her license or any document that proves him/her as a registered juice shop owner.
Juice should be prepared on surfaces like stainless steel and marble that does not absorb water.
The shopkeeper has to purchase the ingredients including fruits, ice, sugar, etc. from a registered vendor. A bill of the transaction must be submitted when a food inspector comes for inspection.
The ingredients purchased must be kept closed in food grade vessels at all times. Fruits should be kept in refrigerators and ice inside the freezer. Using thermocol to store ice is prohibited.
When it comes to using water and ice, they should be clean. The shopkeeper should also get a report on the water and ice from a recognised lab every six months. They should keep it handy in case an inspector comes to check.
Milk should be kept in freezers and not be used beyond expiry.
Refrigerators and freezers should be cleaned at regular intervals.
Every utensil and machine, including mixies and knives, should be kept safe from lizard, cockroach and rats. Waste should be disposed of daily and in a scientific manner.
Extraction of juice from fruits that are artificially ripened using calcium carbide should be avoided along with the use of non-biodegradable items like plastic bags, cups or containers.
A medical fitness certificate must be given to the staff. Also, individuals with skin or contagious diseases should not be hired. more  

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I love the recommendations ... and would be glad to pay 500/- per glass of juice in a stall where they're implemented fully - such stalls, by whatever name called, are now found in every 3/4/5 star hotel in India .... you just don't want to go there ...
You want 50/- Juice at 500/- hygiene - make your own choice !!!
And please do NOT make suggestions which will render the product out-of-reach of 90% of the population. more  
I do not think this type of restriction is necessary. We do not have a single case of any health complain due to street food so far anywhere in India. This will only increase corruption. more  
First look should be on roadside restaurants, who won't follow any rule. more  
If any one opens any tetra packed drink, with shelf life,one can find a solid form in place of liquid, within the validity of shelf life. All these packed products are inspected by various departments. How such solid formation takes place in tetra packed soft drinks?

These soft drinks in tetra pack emits smell within the shelf life, which many of us must have experienced.

Packed soft drinks in bottles of any material, either contains contamination, dead flies, died lizards even small snakes ( in water pouches ) are seen by us, published in news paper, TV channels.

All these packed products are governed by various packing rules viz: all bottles to be sterilized in hot water, packing to be hand free, the packing and storage location to be totally hi gene, labors to be masked,hand glows worn, free of shoes or foot wears.

How many of you could confirm whether all these procedures followed? Do you think FASSI and FDA could confirm that all certifications issued to soft drink factories are totally free of contamination and as per laid out rules?
Many of us might have seen 20 liter BISLERY packing plants in small dilapidated sheds surrounded by slush and dust flying above their shed. Do you think all these 20 ltr packed water packs are FASSAI or FDA inspected? where as all the bottles are sealed by shrinkable labels with remark' INSPECTED AND OK' with seal of the agency.

As far as fruit juice shops hi-gene, one and all are consuming sugar cane juice from a road side shop, apple, pineapple, and /or any fruit juice are made on road side. Many restaurants buy fruit juice from these road side vendors and serve . If not observed, please observe the glass washing color of water. The water so used for washing is so much contaminated,un hi-gene, people are compelled to drink either hot or cold .

NONE of these eateries have any laid out system, except roaring business. NO GOVERNMENT COUlD LAY CONDITIONS, on these eateries. more  
In view of the information provided by Ms. Vijaya Nair, 80 % of sugarcane juice sellers will be disqualified. Similarly many street vendors selling fruit juice will also have to close down. more  
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