Rock Salt or Himalayan pink salt - side effects

fssai is saying no common salt can be sold in market without iodine. Does this also apply yo rock salt?

Side effects of Rock Salt

Less Iodine Content

The pink salt has less iodine content which makes it unsuitable for people with iodine deficiency. Iodine has a vital function in maintaining thyroid hormone production.

The Himalayan pink salt may only contain some traces of the mineral iodine but is still less as compared to other iodized salts.

Too Much Sodium Intake

Sodium is harmful for your health as it raises blood pressure. Hypertension patients should reduce their sodium intake from the normal 2300 mg to 1500 mg to stay safe. Again, it has almost the same quantity of sodium like any other table salt but the crystalized form may reduce the quantity you use. This will ultimately reduce your sodium intake.

Try not to overdose on Himalayan pink salt thinking that it will be better than other salts.

Too Much Chloride

Chloride can cause malfunctioning of the kidneys and make the body environment acidic. Insulin resistance and diabetes are other health issues to arise if you overdose in chloride intake.

However, the environment may turn alkaline if there is no chloride intake as the vegetables and fruits turn into bicarbonates in the body. It is essential to maintain a healthy acid base balance in the body for vital functioning of organs.

Radioactive Minerals are Dangerous

The radioactive minerals in Himalayan pink salt are dangerous for health. Such minerals include uranium, radium, and plutonium. However, this pink salt has very little quantities of such minerals which can barely cause any harm more  

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Ms Sarita has provided a thesis on the various salts available in the market and their respective plus and minus points. Let's leave it to the user to decide what they want to use.

And for heaven's sake, leave FSSAI out of this matter of personal choices..... more  
Salt, sugar, proteins, fats in their unnatural forms work differently from one person to another, but in the end are deleterious to our health. All nutrients and minerals are available in natural forms. Rest is theory, experimentation and observations of no or disastrous consequence as it goes in the name of medical/food and such sciences. more  
It is a matter of concern. Let the FSSAI issue guidelines. more  
Until or till late 70s, BARIC MEAT or seat water dried salt was sold in open market. Every house hold were buying that salt and consumed on day to day basis. Meanwhile, IODIOZED SALT appeared in the market and all doctors were prescribing patients to consume iodiosed salt.

From 80's almost every one become iodine deficient and doctors were finding good business and today, most of the people suffers from IODINE DEFICIENT THYROID patient. Similarly incase of diabetic patients are developed by the international drug and pharma mafias. Today all most all the Indian citizens are diabetic and related patients.

This development was conveniently groomed by our CORRUPT POLITICIANS, paving way for the mafias to create chronic diabetic, kidney , fatty lever, bladder, various stomach ailments, .

It is always to consume seawater dried salt, as been consumed forty years ago. more  
Recently on 2nd July, one of our neighbors and elderly gentleman (retired) but active - he had a habit of fitness and also google/youtube visitor for health tips. In a recent body check (he is diabetic) his iodine level was slightly over normal 3.5 to 5 (parameter) he had 5.1 reading. He used health tip home remedy. He had motions and vomiting and rather than visiting a doctor he dissolved rock salt in a glass of lukewarm water and took it as he had an impression that it will bring down the iodine level. There was however a horrible reaction...he was sweating and his jaw was also disalligned while talking...he was taken to Sitaram Bharti Hospital where ECG showed very high. He was rushed to Max Hospital where in the transit period of 30 mnts his ECG showed breaks...he lost consciousness and his heartbeats stopped. He was given Artificial Resuscitation... but was revived after 25 minutes. Doctors warned that even 15 minutes stoppage of heart would perhaps have a resulting brain hemorrhage...he was lucky as his memory as well as his brain did not suffer any abnormality but his left arm and right leg is currently without sensitivity for which he is undergoing treatment for 15 days there.
Please don't believe and try HOME REMEDIES as every body may or may not respond to such treatment. more  
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