Road and drainge system

The Capital of India -Delhi has perhaps earned a distinction of having poor roads and miserable drainage system. If you venture out side on the road to your destination on a rainyday, it is almost certain that you caught in a trafic jam, because of water logging-even after, hardly of half of an half hour of rain. You would be lucky if you get out of it, within an hour, normally it may take hours and very agonisiing moments.
When Mrs Sheela Dixit was the Chief Minister, she promised to make Delhi comparable with Shanghai (China) and Singapore, and even with Tokyo. But unfortunately the assurance was a big lie like many others. The present Government has also recently extended the same assurance- promise. Like other false promises, this is one of them.
How long the citizens would bear with this miserable fate. Promises-promises and what else- and some one perhaps has rightly said promises are made to break. more  

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I dont understand why our leader keep saying that they will turn their cities like Singapore, Shanghai, Smart City. Whey they will stop copying foreign countries policies, why cant they think themselves and create their on policies as per their country requirement. In the name of Smart Cities they are turning full of greenery cities into concrete cities, and look at the result entire country is floodded people are suffering. I suggested that when they lay the drainage pipelines keep the bottom of pipeline into natural way not of concrete so that the earth can soak the water and keep the water level of earth. But in this country the citizen have one value VOTING rest is ignored. more  
There are so many low lying area on roads including turn, end of flyover, middle of underpass etc. which hinders smooth running of traffic..... may be kept in mind for action by agencies. more  
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Unfortunately there is no single unified agency to deal with the city's development and maintenance. 1. Population explosion is a problem. Too many people and too much garbage on the drains 2. Most new constructions cover up the drains 3. No clear infrastructure development plan and implementation by the agencies. 4. No cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system. 5. Lack of dedicated staff and too much political wranglings. If these basic problems are clearly solved. Most of the basic issues of flooding due to rains will be over. more  
If Mr. Arvind Kejriwal leaves aside his personal animosity with the Prime Minister for getting defeated from Varanasi and starts working for the aam aadmi by co operating with LG, He can still make Delhi the smartest city more  
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