Rising prices of medicines

20 rupees now for a single tablet lf allegra. What should the poor do when they are sneezing. Something must be done to control rising prices of medicines. Trade Margins are 40-60% of the price for retail consumer. May be they ought to be capped at 20%

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The NEW SCAM is that medicine of jan aushadhi have very high MRP printed on them and are sold by normal chemists at these high prices, thus their profit margins are very high. Most poor people do not know this and buy generic medicines at high cost from normal shops. Yet exactly the same companies same product can be found being sold at jan aushadhi at 30 to 40% of the printed cost. I am not putting the names of the companies but one can check in case of common medicines of BP, acidity, vitamins and others. Buy the medicine from jan aushadhi , say telemisartan- 40 mg , check the brand name and MRP printed on it, now go to normal chemist and ask for same brand , he will charge you full cost and will give you bill for it too. I often return medicine to the shop telling him , this is generic from jan aushadhi please give of other branded company. Usually i prefer mankind or cipla whose medicines are reasonably prized. Same fexofenadine of mankind pharma (i think histafree) is cheaper. Govt needs to ensure that generic medicines are having properly printed price and normal chemists shops are banned from keeping the generic brands. more  
Jan Aushadhi Kendra is not available every where for easy reach of pbulic. They have to go for Pharmacy shop nearby and buy medicines. But The Pharmaceutical companies which produce medicines slowly every 2 months increase the MRP rate and print on the tablet sheets. The medical reps recommend medical practitioners and lure them with many freebies and thereby the doctors prescribes those medicines even though they are not produced by celebrated pharmaceuticals. In my experience my Physician who is in the famous hopital, prescribed a Calcium Tablet and when I took tablets my stomach (even taken after food ) . When I complained to my Medical shop owner, he said that the product is not from famous Pharmaceuticals, but a local manufacturing company. Perhaps those reps would have lured with high commissions. Thus patients are cheated by doctors, pharmaceutical companies by rising prices, and even by Medical shops which push only costlier drugs, withholding cheaper medicines. The GOVT OF INDIA IS TURNING BLIND EYE TOWARDS MEDICINES ADULTERATION, INCREASING OF PRICES PERIODICALLY, EVEN FOR ESSENTIAL DRUGS AND LIFE SAVING DRUGS. Everybody know how the pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, clinics and hospitals grabbed money from poor public by selling drugs like REMDESIVIR and other fever reducing and other life saving medicines during PANDEMIC PERIOD (1ST WAVE AND 2ND WAVE) at sky rocket prices. Even face covering masks are sold at Rs 400/- and 500/- and the masks are unavailable in local pharmacies. Both State and Central Govts were silent spectators without doing any remedial action. Drug Regulators/NAPA should act and study the cost of production, distribution with out any delay. This the request of public. more  
Buy From Jan Aushadhi Kendra if Modi Govt. Takes action Pharma compqanies , medicos , all medical personnal from pvt organization will sit on dharnas adjecnt to Farmers( so called) more  
It is a fact the margin for medicine manufacturers is more than 40 to 60% and almost all medicine stores are freely offering 10% discount on medicines, if you are known to the medicine store. Mostly the raw materials are from China but India should try to self reliant. Moreover, government should have some cap in the pricing of the medicines. more  
China had been major source of bulk drug supplies to India. During the last 2-3 years there had been disturbances in supplies from China and the prices shot up in the Indian market. Many medicine producers increased prices by 70-100% or more. Unless India start producing API, this problem will continue. However, Drug Regulators/NAPA should act and study the cost of production, distribution, damage/expiry and retailer margin and ensure that MRPs are genuinely printed on all medicine/accessories. Circulation of fake/spurious items should also be curbed. more  
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