Retinal Scarring both eyes.

Hello Concerned,

My 3.8 years daughter has macular scar in her both eyes since birth due to infection with Toxoplasmosis. Any treatment or help will be highly appreciated. She cannot see distant objects and have squint in her eyes.

Regards, more  

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Dear Mr Amit Joshi,

Thanks for sharing your daughter's eye problems and I am very sorry for her critical sufferings. You may seek medical advises from doctors from time to time, but in my opinion, your daughter will need to take few herbal medicines and other alternative treatment for good amount of time to improve her vision. I would suggest the following herbal medicines for her present state of sufferings to bring best possible results:

1. Liv.52 Syrup (Himalaya) - One teaspoon Syrup twice a day after meal.

2. Amla Juice (Baba Ramdev) - One teaspoon juice twice a day after meal or in between the meals.

3. Sunova Spirulina Life (Sunova) - Half tablet twice a day after meal.

Home Remedies for Your Daughter:
1. Half cup carrot juice twice a day.

2. Carrot and cucumber in salad.

3. Seasonal sweet fruits.

4. Seasonal sweet fruit juices.

5. Soak two almonds and two black pepper whole overnight in water. Peel almonds in the morning and grind them in mixer along with soaked black pepper whole in 100 ml cow's milk and give it to your daughter to drink daily at breakfast time.

Acupressure Therapy for Your Daughter:
1. Apply intermittent slow pressure on eye points on both palms for 5 minutes twice a day on empty stomach or one hour after meal.

2. Apply intermittent slow pressure on optic nerve situated behind both palms for 5 minutes twice a day on empty stomach or one hour after meal.

3. In the end, apply intermittent slow pressure on kidney hhpoints in the centre of both the palms for 60 times on completion of acupressure treatment on above points.

Mudra Therapy for Your Daughter:
1. Gyan Mudra - Touch the tips of thumb and index finger and keep the middle, ring and little finger straight. Sit down on a mat on chair and keep your hands on your knees. Close eyes and perform. Gyan Mudra is also known as Dhyan (Meditation) Mudra. Gyan Mudra should be practiced daily either for 30 to 45 minutes at a stretch or in three parts of 10 to 15 minutes each. Gyan Mudra can be peformed any time of the day. Gyan Mudra is extremely beneficial in treating degeneration of retina and improving vision.

2. Praan Mudra - Touch the tips of thumb, ring and little finger. Keep the index and middle finger straight. While performing this Mudra, keep the spinal cord straight. Pran Mudra should be practiced daily either for 30 to 45 minutes at a stretch or in three parts of 10 to 15 minutes each. Pran Mudra is very useful in treating all types of eye problems.

Devotional Approach:
1. As your daughter is very small, I would advice you to teach her to pray Lord Sun (Surya Dev) everyday by chanting "Om Suryay Namah" for 5-7 times with folded hands and facing towards rising sun immediately after she gets up from the bed in the morning. In doing so, she will be blessed by Lord Sun and improved her vision.

2. At bed time, teach her to chant "Om Chandramay Namah" and "Om Taray Namah" for 5 to 7 times sitting on bed to receive blessings from moon and stars to get sound sleep with sweet dreams.

3. After she finishes her bath, teach her to fill water in small copper vessel (Taambe kaa chhotaa lotaa) from the kitchen tap to offer the same to Lord Sun by chanting "Om Suryay Namah" for 5 to 7 times to get blessings from Him. Her mother can assist her too.

4. Teach her to chant Hanuman Chalisa daily to get rid of her sufferings soon.

Your daughter will need to change her dietary habits by avoiding non-vegetarian, oily, spicy and junk food, wheat products, pickles, chocolates, ice creams, sweets, tea, coffee and aerated cold drinks, as these stuffs are not good for health and accumulate toxins in the body to
cause severe illnesses. Give her cow's milk and avoid giving her yoghurt. Fresh and sweet buttermilk is recommended. Give her vegetables, salad, fruits, dried fruits and fruit juices every day to energize her body. She should eat pulses and dried beans moderately to keep her body weight under control. She will need to avoid eating sugar and soybean products. To replace sugar, jaggery or honey should be used. In place of wheat products, give her multigrain flour consisting of Jowar, Bajra and Nachni adding very small amount of wheat flour for good health. Gluten in wheat flour is the main cause of various stomach disorders. Make a habit of taking her for brisk walk in the clean invironment. She must drink sufficient water every day to flush out toxins from the body. She must take proper eight hour sleep daily. Teach her to brush her teeth before going to bed at night to keep them healthy, strong and disease free. Avoid stress and face the discomfort with utmost patience. Treat her constipation in the first place to bring regular bowel movements. She must listen and enjoy soft music to sooth her body and mind, since music is always good for health and peace of mind. She should avoid anger, hatred and adopt a habit to forgive all. Praying God will bring peace and courage to fight the illness since prayers have more powers than medicines. Make a habit of donating money, food and clothes to poor and needy people if you can. Accept everything calmly and make a promise to do well and to be of some help to others after your daughter recovers from her present sufferings.

Take care and God bless your daughter to stay healthy!

Best regards,
Kunwar Singh more  
Contact a homoeopathic physician it will be helpful for her. more  
Thanks for the concern sharma ji.i fail to understand that he being from the meducal field i.e. accupressure (which comes in the alternative system of medicines).it is a therapy and to be trained for this kind of therapy one need not have a knowledge detail of anatomy and physiology.any body can learn accupressure and other therapies of holistic medicinial treatment.we are all doctors of different therapies and can't tolerate such humiliation.i would certainly like to meet this gentleman and like to have detailed discussion about the medical and medicinial treatments.Any how you are absolutely right,forgiveness is the only solution for such people.Thanks once again sharmaji.i am obliged. more  
The world is full of all kind of people. So is our group. I strongly object to Mr. Kunwar's comments and request everybody to be tolerant and respectful to all other members. more  
Dear Vashishat I know what Mr Kunwar has written would definitely hurt your feelings but you have such people so you can just forget. This is what God has advised us to forget forget and forget and be happy happy happy. God bless us all. more  
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