Regarding making charges of Gold & Silver ornaments & Coins.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I need your help in the above matter to get any acts / rules for making charges of gold & silver ornaments & coins from Government or any other statutory bodies in our Country.

I had bought gold ornament & silver coin from Senco Gold Limited, Kolkata under Swarna Yojna in 2013-14 & 2014-15. They had charged making charges for silver coin @42.50% for a 10 gms coin., and making charges for a bangles set @10.61%.

They had also cheated me in the bangle set weight. They showed me the gross weight only, did not showed me the net weight & billed for 4.200 gms. They had removed the weight tag from the product. I have a doubt in the net weight & asked question as to why they had removed the weight tag. They had replied me that the weight tag is company's property. I replied them that the price & weight tag goes with the Customer. Though, I did not accepted their answer.

They have over charged the silver rate in the billed silver coin of 10 gms. @40,000/- but the rate during that period were between Rs.33,500/- to 35,000/-. I asked about it, got no satisfactory answer from them.

They have over charged the gold rate on the bill dated 24/07/2015 too.

This is not first time they did their unfair trade practice. They overcharged in my previous bill too, in gold rate & making charges, reference bill # 10447763_064 dated 30/09/2014 for Rs,13,599.84. They had calculated one amount in my Pass Book for gold rate & making charges & billed another amount for making charges & gold rate. When I caught them, they have refunded the amount with interest & litigation charges. After nearly 3 years & 8 months and after complaining to Consumer Affairs Department, WB, but they did not responded to the CAD twice, then the CAD had suggested me to file a complaint to the Consumer Court (District Forum). I went to the consumer assistance bureau to get assistance to file complaint to the Consumer Court (District Forum). The concerned person advice me to send a 'Final Notice' before filing it. I had sent final notice directing them to pay my money into my account within 15 days. They did not responded to my final notice. I again sent a reminder - 1 mentioning last date, suddenly, I got a call from Manas Hazra, one of their staff, he said, Sir you have mentioned the last date, but the cheque signing authority is not in town. I told him okay, take another two days, try to refund my money on Monday or latest by Tuesday. Then again he said, Sir, we are unable to calculated the interest. I told them, okay I will calculate the same for you. I had sent them the calculation too. They had refunded the money on Monday. I did not claimed compensation for their unfair trade practice, harassment & mental agony. But this time I have claimed compensation too for their repeated unfair trade practices, harassment & mental agony. But, they are accepting their dishonesty and singing various stories in the matter to evade my money & blaming me instead of accepting their unfair trade practice, harassment & mental agony.

My next date is on 02/07/2019 in the West Bengal State Consumers department (Online) at 12.00 noon. Please help me to get the above information to get justice & refund of my hard earned money with interest, litigation cost & compensation.

Looking forward to your help & guidance in the above matter.

Thanking You, more  

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Mr . Rajan , what ever success is met with should be publicised widely about the payment with interest and litigation charges .That will give the many many quiet customers like me to be aware of the consumer exploiting situation and guts to go to the Consumer Forum . All these are not formed for name sake , but for us consumers to use . more  
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On Mon, May 20, 2019 at 2:14 PM Rajen Chowdhury <>

> more  
We have to appreciate you Mr. Rajan Chowdhury for the persistent effort to put your foot down and fight for your rights.

This will be eye opener to all of us , who fall for their claims no charges for making , loss of metal during making .

Like you we all also have the determination and resolve to face their fraudulent and dishonest approach towards the Hapless Consumer . You must have saved all the Correspondence as evidence . more  
Yes, I have all the docs with me as proof. If the Senco Gold Ltd., do not returned my money with interest, litigation cost & compensation, then I will take them to higher Consumer Forum to get Justice. Because, this is not first time they did unfair trade practice with me. They did in my previous bill too. They have refunded the money after 3 years & 8 months with interest & litigation. That time I did not claimed the compensation, but, this time I have claimed compensation too. more  
Consumer Ministry is in the circle. They come to know of all these issues via the local circles more  
In good old days the fore fathers were paying remuneration for making any ornaments, prepared in the door step. In later days, ornaments were sold ready made, and the remuneration has been rationalised as a fixed making charges. I do not think there will be any codified rule. For better clarity, government should come out with a regulation. more  
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