Real face of food delivery platforms

the restaurant raises the bill!....

But, they add the discount Given to you into their bill by padding the price of online menu.

So a normal restaurant order of Rs.100 will be:
100+25= 125 - order (online menu price)
30- Restaurant charges and taxes
30 - delivery charges
Bill = 185

So no discount u pay 185 for 100 rs item.

With 50% discount
125-62 = 73
30 - Restaurant charges and taxes
30 - delivery charges

Bill = 133

If the restaurant is not from your area delivery charge is 50- 80

In both cases u are paying more than when u go to the restaurant and pay INR 100

So stop making a fool of yourself so regularly friends more  

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The cost of food through the food delivery channel is naturally high and we can not expect any discount. Let us be prepared to bear the additional cost for taking responsibility to deliver at door step. more  
Convenience costs. If any one is so attached to hotel/restaurant cooked food instead of tasty, healthy and cheaper home made food, they must get prepared to pay extra bucks. Why so much of hue and cry cost comparing up to pie and penny! more  
With example of food item of Rs. 100, certainly adding up other charges make online order costly but if you give order of 1000/- or more (which is more realistic) and do the same math with 50% discount, you will see that it is cheaper more  
I think your demo is not true in all the cases. I have personally experienced that a particular food item is costlier when you visit the restaurant than when you order in delivery services. But two things hurt. 1) There is sometimes pilferage enroute by the delivery person and 2) The rash driving of the delivery person throwing all traffic rules to the wind, putting other travelers at risk. more  
There is no "free lunch".Do you think the convenience of getting the food at your door step is your birth right? It costs money to pack. packing materials, making sure it confirms the weight, a person to collect from the restaurant, secure it in a container, drive up to your door step and get abused for being late/or on time. The food is not coming from your in laws home. If you do not want to pay for the services walk/run/crawl to the restaurant and sit/stand there and eat the food with other virus carrying, un masked "citizens" of India. If food delivery was not popular the business would have been dead by now. And no one is forcing to order food on "online".Just cook it at home and be satisfied. Indians have become free loaders. Go to Amma Canteens, Indira Canteens, temples, mosques, or Gurudwaras and eat free food. more  
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