Re: Plastic bags being replaced by another synthetic material

Dear Sir,
Of late there has been a movement against the environment killer- plastic. Lot of awareness has come among people and alternate is being used. One of these are the woven plastic bags in place of transparent bags. I don’t know whether the material used in the woven synthetic bags is environment friendly. Even Government authorities are silent on. May it be too late for identifying another monster to do the environment damage?
It’s high time we should address this issue.
In case anyone in the circle have knowledge about it may kindly update us. more  

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Please note that no form of plastic is environment friendly or bio-degradable. All forms of plastic are equally bad.
But at the same time currently there is no substitute for plastic. It's role at least in the packaging industry is very critical.
The government's (state and central) to reduce the total plastic footprint have currently banned only the single use (non-recyclable) plastic materials.
All forms of plastic which can be recycled can be manufactured / used. Since woven plastic bags can be recycled they are not banned.

Whether government ban or not, we as responsible citizens to save our planet should stop using (or minimize as much as possible) all products made of plastic by using alternatives available.
Simple steps like using cloth bags / backpacks (for grocery / shopping / vegetables / fruits), steel plates / tumblers (in place of disposable utensils) during parties will definitely go a long way in reducing total plastic footprint. more  
The matter is worth investigation. Is this the old wine in new bottle? more  
Not to justify the use of plastic net woven bags, but they are better than the polyethylene bags. They are re-usable many more times than the polyethylene bags we use at present. Also people tend to use it as a permanent item and not the use & throw type. They occupy much lesser space than even the cloth bags. They are also washable. The only disadvantage is that the items kept in the bag are visible to everyone around more  
It is also another form of plastic. We should make awareness among people for using cloth bags, paper carry bags which can generate lot of employment among the people. 
I have been making hand made paper carry bags but none of the shop keepers were ready to take it as they say they are getting very cheap plastic carry bags then why should they buy costly paper carry bags. Even after having a ban on the plastic carry bags the people are not ready to give up plastic carry bags.
Venu Gopalan.Thalayolaparambu
On Wednesday, 21 August, 2019, 12:52:00 pm IST, I.J. JAIN <> wrote: more  
People often need water-stocking, other liquid storing, strong and flexible material to package restaurant foods, pani puri (gol gappe) water, milk, curd, butter milk, oil and likes.
Eco-friendly solution for this is:
Rubber. Yes, our good old friend RUBBER.
It's even better than paper as we need not cut trees into logs to extract rubber. The tree remain standing and live while rubber is being collected from them. It's similar to milching the cattle and not killing them for flesh.

So simple! more  
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