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We are soon looking at presenting the whitepaper on Insurance from this circle to Minister Consumer Affairs and submit to other stakeholders in Finance Ministry.

We would like to include any collective ratings on the sector from citizens in this whitepaper as well.

You can rate your insurance experiences at the link below:


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Now a days lots of Medi claim organizations have floated and zooming their business. We are paying huge amount to them yearly just in a fear if I am hospitalized then they will meet our expenses. No one likes to be hospitalized until & unless he/she is seriously ill. But how many persons are taking Hospital admission? If you see , more number of people are getting treatment without being hospitalized. We pay hefty amount to the doctors towards Fees, X-Ray, sonography, CT -Scan, MRI, Different types of tests, and so on. Those huge amounts are not being paid by the Mediclaim - Insurance companies. I am a retired person, a senior citizen spending huge amount exceeding my budget and NO claim is available from those money minded Insurance companies. Certain illness does not require hospital admission i.e .ENT , Dentistry, Skin related, Typhoid, jaundice, Therapist, Eye related, small injury, small fevers like viral , body pain etc. And as we know the big "Q" at Govt run hospitals, so we go to local Private run Hospitals where the treatments, tests are highly cost effective. If one cannot afford , he should die with pain although he is paying huge amount to the Mediclaim Insurance Companies!! They pay to the Medi claim Insurance companies just to fulfil their hungry stomach? In all progressive countries, treatments are free. In our country, it is too costly. There should be absolutely free treatment for senior citizens and Cancer patients. And Mediclaim Insurance companies must pay for the treatments without Hospital admission. The treatment and medical tests for senior citizens should be made free or at least sufficiently subsidized. Those who have worked in state or central governments get free or heavily subsidized medical facilities. Why not others too? more  
All Insurance companies are looting the public by giving assurance that they will rescue them at the time of difficulty. But when the problem comes for the consumers and they approach the Insurance company, then the Insurance company first deny them the benefit by raising objection or ask them various documents to be submitted to process the proposal. Insurance company always tries to reject the claim as far as possible. If the consumer is lucky then the claim is processed and a percentage of the amount insured is paid to the consumer.
Hence, Insurance companies are no away helpful to the consumer. The consumer get the claim based on various circumstances. However, the private companies are more dangerous than the public sector companies. more  
Corruption is everywhere actually IRDA was for customers but that are working for Health & life insurance companies. Government had appointed such departments to controls & checks but fake calls we receive for this or that no action from IRDA , advisories you can see on boards . Insurance companies have only aim to grab money from customers and assure to give benefits but when time comes they have so many rules to disallow. IRDA will pull their hands. Innocent customer is suffering. more  
I deal with all life insurance, general insurance, health insurance simultaneously. Insurance is a myth, one has to take and fight tooth and nail to succeed. I have taken a domestic policy with travel insurance. While on a visit to Delhi I lost money, sarees and clothes, to recoverRs 2500/- it has taken two years and lot of postage etc, but ultimately perseverance paid. A health policy was taken for my brother who fell ill and was admitted in hospital for 22 days we spent nearly a lakh of rupees, when we sent a claim to the insurer for Rs37000/- it was turned down stating that it was a pre existing disease. I contested stating that he never had any illness till the admission in hospital as he was admitted with bone TB for the first time. They conducted a review and paid the amount after Six months without paying Rs5000/- as penal charges for delayed payment. My car insurance was renewed on 31 Mar 2015 on line. I was asked to pay enhanced premium so that enhanced IEV wil be given over the previous year, correspondence is going on but there is no hope as it is Bharti-Axa GI co ltd. They stopped corresponding altogether. Ombudsman is just a postman, no hope for public. more  
It seems ( if not true ) that majority of the big Life or Health Insurance companies are hand in glove with their principal govt department IRDA. These insurance companies sell their policies showing good benefits to their customers, but when the need arises the customers get nothing but hell. I would be happy to provide facts against a few insurance companies and IRDA regarding support provided by them and their highhandidness shown towards their customers who have shelled out a good amount of money in yearly premiums. more  
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