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I feel our regulators like fssai and customs fail quite badly in regulating imported foods and as a result substandard products from south east asia and china make it into India. Localcircles must escalate this matter. Many of these foods have lots of artificial susbtances and believe it or not biscuits candies etc from these countries are regularly given to children in birthdays. Some Parents have fascination for these items. Similarly gm items also sell in india maple syrups corn syrup some cereals, etc.

Like America would not let even many haldiram bikaner products we need to do the same thing and every imported food product must be tested to our standards.

Everyone may pls share views on this.. more  

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Its a well known fact that India has become a dumping yard where any nation can dump their sub-standard products very easily and conveniently because of our Custom and other quality management institutes are full of corrupts and incompetant officials, who get their posting in these departments on successful participation in unofficial auction. The foreign manufacturers of substandard products are further encouraged to dump such products already rejected by their own buyers to our country because of our consumers' unprecedented weakness for foreign goods without bothering for their quality and prices. We have a group of consumers consisting of fairly a good percentage who are financially well to do and feel proud to become preys of foreign goods with a feeling as if all goods coming from abroad are superior to our own products in quality. As long as our weakness towards foreign goods continue, the trend of dumping substandard products including food products by foreign companies to this country will continue despite implementing other means thereagainst. more  
We should not blame govt bodies alone, if we know the product is substandard we should not buy, at the same time people should be educated to buy good quality food only. more  
Very important point to ponder over . As krishnan points out with great regret , the matter should be taken to the FSSAI & Government AUTHORITIES . more  
Yes, every imported food product must be tested to our standards like FSSAI. more  
As long as corruption exists ,this country would be gifted all sub standard products. Be it Fassi,FDA,OTHER FOOD AUTHORITY, or any other inspection agencies,all officials are corrupt.

As an individual,take responsibility to select and eat healthy food. more  
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