Pumps not to accept ICICI HDFC Axis cards

From tomorrow as these banks are charging 1% or more on. Credit cards to merchants and 0.25-1% on debit cards.

Govt should help here. more  

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To encourage cashless transactions our govt vigorously promoted card payment. During the 50 day period all charges were waived but now have come back with vengeance. Will we ever get out of this skullduggery?A harassed and beleaguered middle class, maximum users of cards have become hapless victims. Shudder to even think what more is in store? more  
private banks continue to fleece their customers under the garb of service and security. RBI somehow has remained a mute spectator more  
We the citizens of this country needn't beg from our Govt anything that is legitimate. In-fact the elected Govt is deployed to look after well-beings of the people in general and for that the Govt can take all appropriate proactive steps. If the country goes to a cashless economy that will result significant savings to the govt on account of printing various denomination notes such as its paper cost, ink costs, printing cost, and subsequent costs on logistic, safety and security. As such the govt should ensure that no fee/taxes in any form will be charged to the end user. People in Govt still thinks that they the Britishers. This attitude needs immediate change. If we continue our attitude of begging the Govt will continue maintain their status quo. It is time now to awake. Thanks more  
Payments through debit cards is as good as cash transaction which, if charged, will discourage the citizens from using debit card and they will go back to cash transactions. Therefore the charges on debit cards should be treated as illegal. For example I want to purchase 30 different goods @ Rs. 100 each, if I draw cash of Rs. 3000 I can make all the payments by a single transaction at ATM or Bank. If I use my card, there will be 30 transactions by the same card and if the bank charges for every transaction, I will definitely go back to cash transactions only. more  
In my humble opinion, it is moral duty of the Govt. of India to do whatever is called for in order to make the life of common citizens easy, particularly in view of the highly admirable step taken by our honourable PM, to bring India ahead of even most developed nations of the world, by way of creating a tendency to switchover from business based on Cash to business based on Electronic Transaction. All Banks operating in India have to play a very vital role if the endeavour and initiative of our honourable PM, to move to a "Less-Cash Economy", has to succeed without making life of common citizens is not to be made hell. Govt. of India should do all that may be necessary to force all the Banks, operating in India, not to charge any fees from Debit Card users for purchasing not only Petrol and Diesel but any commodity whatsoever. This is necessary because payment through Debit Cards is actually deducted to the Balance to Credit of Customer's Account with the Bank and all that the Bak concerned is required to do is to let it be properly managed, in fact seamlessly, electronically and automatically by virtue of appropriate software. The matter with Credit Card is quite different because by way of Credit Cards the Credit Card Provider gives facility to the customer to make payment without having to make sure that the corresponding amount is available as balance to his/her credit in the account in any Bank. Therefore, it appears rightful on part of Credit Card provider to charge the customers for usage of the Credit Card for making payment for which necessary credit is made available by the Credit Card provider. more  
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