Patanjali is misguiding people

The documents submitted to the Government by Patanjali for its Coronil do not include the RCT studies. It just includes the approval of RCT from CTRI, and two studies (1. In mice model of asthama; 2. A preprint- a simulation of Giloy on ACE receptor-spike protein).

No studies in humans, & no RCTs. Stop lying Baba Ramdev, Aacharya Balakrishna and their PR machinery.

Sad that so many gullible people are forwarding unverified messages seeded by these people. The product should not be allowed to even reach the shelf in any form. more  

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Dear Mr. R. M. Nair , your profile will make one look up at you and look up to you for solutions .

Why did you have to pull the .PM,s name into this which is being made into a controversy . Don’t you know we have a well oiled system where the issues pointed out by citizens are well attended to by different departments , Particularly with the Advent of Local Circles.

Here also all what experts as well as media’s reproduction of experts opinions say is that , no drug for treatment can be advertised for infections and diseases , leave alone the tall claims and against Magic Remedies Act. And there are schedule drugs that has to be sold & used only on prescription of a Registered Medical Practitioner .

When such is the prevailing situation in India any new drug for treatment of any disease and particularly one for the Pandemic has to ,

* prove Anti viral Activity ,
* the study should comprise a large number and from different locations representation under qualified Medical Practitioners .
* where the viral load is mild , or the patient has a good immune system ,is cured without any symptoms and medicines .

For your kind information , I don’t buy such immune boosting medicines , but make it at home .It Will be in the form of Kashayam .

You are aware Plasma therapy suggested by Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) had to officially wait for the okay till now . People from the Institute didn’t get perturbed and are waiting for the due process .

Myself & many others also respect your vast experience and acumen to assess situations .

Older the one becomes, becomes wiser , that's why the saying -
WISDOM COMES WITH AGE . - Jai Hind more  
Every one is a COVID-19 expert. I read that people with low immunity are susceptible to get COVID so children under 10 and persons above 65 should be more careful and should not go out of the house. So my technical mind tells me that if you treat the root cause you can avoid a breakdown.By boosting immunity if we can resist spread of pandemic why can't we call it as a medicine. Because Patanjali is an Indian company, Baba Ramdev is a Hindu, he support BJP Govt: some religious fanatics and anti-Modi gang in the media make it another BOFORS.Just look at the names of people who makes comments you can understand. No one asked Mr.Daniel to buy Patanjali products.If you don't like dont buy and use. more  
Now with the news item the speculations are set at rest .

The government today said the Patanjali Trust could market its new tablet “Coronil” as an immunity booster, but NOT AS COVID THERAPY . - Indian Medical and Drug Bodies are not so lax to allow any commercial companies to have their claims without trials and proof as Remedies - Particularly now that many companies have started claiming to have found an ffective treatment combination drug for Covid 19 .But can continue as an Immune booster.

The ministry, however, said Patanjali had initiated clinical trials for potential Covid-19 therapy as per government guidelines and the trust could continue with those trials as per procedure. - Inndia is a country that gives equal chances for different systems of medicines to be manufactured and practiced. But however big they are they have to initiate clinical trials and be approvd before being marketed as a drug for the disease . more  
All the advertisements of Ministry of Ayush carry some Ayurvedic product or the other. Are these products approved by the Government? If not, This Ministry should be shut down immediately.

It is unfortunate that such questions are raised on ayurvedic prescriptions and medicines.

The documents submitted to the Government by Patanjali for its Coronil do not include the RCT studies. It just includes the approval of RCT from CTRI, and two studies (1. In mice model of asthama; 2. A preprint- a simulation of Giloy on ACE receptor-spiike protein)

Let the complainant pursue allopathic courses and medicines for approval. She should not interfere in any other faculty which is predominantly of Indian origin.

If the Government still wants to intervene, all manufacturers and handlers of all Eastern medical faculties such as Ayurveda, and the like other than Western Allopathy, Chemotherapy and the like should shut shop. more  
WHO,ICMR & all over world governments making hit &trial approach.One day prescribing something but otherday pulling it down.All are in panic mode. For an example -who had prescribed sodium hypochlorite for spray to sanitise.Is anyone here who has detailed report about its efficacy? Please share.
If Patanjali has no details- check it & use it as supplementary .All +ve cases being home quarantined with Paracitamol, that person should have to try it.Is it wrong to take kadha,Ashwagandha,giloy ?
All hue & cry for multinational drug companies, because they are so worried about Indian.
It's India where lacs of Chinese supporters even exists today. more  
This is my precise objection. Everything Western is fine and Indian is useless. We are absolutely short of national pride. more  
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