Psychotic symptoms - in with drawl symptoms due to stoppage of adulterated liquor in Telengana

In Telengana it was decided by govt to strictly prevent adulteration of country liquor by supervision, raids and punishments .
But the real situation after that episode two years ago is returning again.
It was observed that for ‘Kick’they adulterate Liquor with a lot of chemicals including anti depressants .Oeopke who consume daily have severe withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is stopped.
Now due to carona virus ban country liquor is stopped. And the effect of withdrawal symptoms are manifesting in addicts like aggressive ness,psychotic behaviour ,suicidal attempts etc .
Such situation were faced by Telengana state earlier and they were found short of psychiatrists, deaddiction centres,and drugs.
This is the best time to address that problem and once for all ban country liquor production but allow IMFL in restricted quantities per head for sale . more  

To dilate further though it is a deviation from discussion,
Toddy tapping, illicit liquor making is a habit in these parts even during Nizams and British times,and local zamindars they kept people addicted and diverted so that they can be exploited.
But it is a social habit ingrained ,but after the advent of IMFL the habit flourished and incomes of government was augmented.The bane of adulteration has brought enormous damage on health and the pockets of poor are empty .
Why can’t we do away with age old toddy making ! Many families and castes are based on this profession,but the problems associated with it as falls from trees resulting in spinal injuries, and paralysis ,limb injuries ,head injuries and addiction .why not completely do away with it as we have IMFL( Indian made foreign liquor).
We should give incentives to all families of this profession such as pensions for five years so that they can be skilled in other vocations and trades to make income to survive.
The toddy compounds and its ancillary food industry is a nucleus of mafia, crime, sexual attacks, rapes.Police should ponder on this and completely do away with at least one cause of law and order.
The governments must not build on health reasons of toddy and other illicit brews just for votes,rather think of doing some overhaul in to this system . more  
we should utilize this opportunity and ban liquor through out the country. Liquor ruins lives of people especially the poor people. Withdrawl symptoms may be there for few days and people will learn to live with it. more  
They have failed in preventing adultration of liquor and these withdrawal symptoms are out now more  
Instead, all the affected can be taken to de-addiction centres by opening such centres or allow free flow of local toddy which is produced without adulteration in villages more  
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