Hi, I am suffering psoriasis from last few years. So hopeful of getting some life changing suggestions. more  

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Thanks Mr Durga Prasad ji. You are right that if Govt intends it can do a lot but it all depends on a strong leadership who should think in broad perspective. more  
Mohinder Singh ji. Your ideal is noble. But there are many things a law cannot achieve, but motivation does. It all dependents on the leadership in the Government how they motivate the masses, the intelligentsia, the wealthy-- one and all-- how each class can help or do their bit for nation development. Only then I feel the nation will move forward. Otherwise, banks in Switzerland and other countries will thrive and we the common man will spend sleepless nights! more  
Mr Prasad. you are very right. The doctors are unbridled. Not only they
are charging exorbitantly, they are also not paying income tax. I don't
remember any doctor issuing cash receipt to the patients. The income tax
department should do something to bring them under income tax ambit. Same
is the case of lawyers. In my view each citizen who aspires for all the
facilities from the Govt., should invariably contribute some amount towards
income tax. Leaving aside people below poverty line, rest of them should be
charged a fixed amount towards annual income tax. This way Govt. can
provide better medical and other facilities to the citizens. more  
Mohinder Singh ji. I agree with you. There are several schools of thought in Homeopathic system of treatment as on today. Lot of research is going on by both homeopathic doctors as well as Homeopathic medicine manufacturers on offering off-the-shelf combinations. This started with Biochemic combinations and is now very freely used by homeopathic drug manufacturers from Germany, France and the US also. Prescribing more than one drug to the same patient to be used at a certain intervals is one aspect. I have personally seen a homeopathic doctor adding more than three drugs to the same vial of pills and giving to the patient! One school of thought believes in prescribing nothing less than 1M potencies and another school is shit scared of prescribing anything more than 30 potency. And the system of treatment is gaining ground by leaps and bounds. Dr. Batra's clinic charges Re.1000/- per month for consultation alone and cost of the drugs prescribed is additional. Another doctor from Chittaranjan Park in Delhi charges quoted "are 1000INR per patient per visit" and no homeopathic doctor can assure you or guarantee you that the patient will be cured 100% because ultimately cure is in Gods hands.
Of course no doctor or super specialists guarantees perfect cure. My father, at 87, was admitted to ICU of a very reputed hospital in NOIDA and after three days of "observation" and hefty billing, the doctors could not find the real problem and on enquiry suggested for a few days more of "observation" When we asked the doctor whether by keeping him in ICU for more days the doctors can pinpoint the problem, the doctor smiled and said " that is in God's hands!" We took him back to home as his life is in God's hands. And by God, he is alive and is of quite a good health even today!

Medical profession has been reduced to business "without risk" Cuts from every conceivable sources, super speciality charges, unnecessary pathological tests and what not!.

Even Ayurvedic treatment is not cheap. Baba Ramdev runs free clinics. Commendable! But the prescriptions the doctor scribbles on the sheet which are available in the store attached to the consultant room runs not less than six to seven hundred rupees. Some patients gets benefit and most others don't!.

This is the sad state of affairs of Medical Profession, which Dr. Fadnavis of the Medical Councis of Inda lauded as the "most noble, and selfless service" which the doctors offer to the public !!
I may be forgiven by those honest doctors, really sincere and doctors with philanthropic attitude who are a rarity in today's context. more  
The prescription is based on my long practice, and I have nothing more to say at this stage.
Rabindar Kumari Anand

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Mohinder Singh
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Mohinder wrote: "Dr Rabinder Anand is it appropriate to
prescribe four medicines in one go.? Should not the patient
be given one medicine at a time on the basis of his
indications and response. . ?"


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