Protect yourself from #DelhiSmog

Protect yourself from #DelhiSmog. Do these to help yourself and your family out:

1) Use N95/ N99 face masks. These are available in medical stores and are priced between Rs. 100 - 200. Use plain masks in case you can't find these.

2) In case your eyes are burning, wash frequently with cold water and use artificial lubricants, such as Refresh tears.

3) Avoid walks/ exercise out in the open. Gyms/ closed spaces are alright. Stay indoors as much as possible.

4) Drink lots of water to flush out toxins from your system.

5) Consumption of Aloe Vera Juice, Triphala powder, jaggery and Chyawanprash is recommended. Helps in detoxification.

6) Suffocation can be helped through inhalation of vapours from tea. Use a tea bag in a steamer and inhale it.

7) Avoid using air freshners indoor.

8) Open the doors/windows for ventilation only in the afternoon. Mornings and evenings are toxic these days.

Stay safe. I hope this gets better soon. more  

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First measure is to grow Plants and Trees, but no one wants this as it occupies space. In earlier days, elders used to say - put 108 rounds and pray to Peepal Tree. This is because, they used to store more Oxygen which could be consumed by people who followed this faithfully. Now, Doctors also do not say this because of commercial reasons. more  
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Tarun, Smog [dirty air from any cause] does not get better by just taking steps to protect yourself. As mentioned there are many who cannot afford this protection. It is easy to say what we would do if we have the wherewithal to take all of these steps. The only way things get better is if people work together to influence politicians and other local leaders. When I was a kid, I remember a city we went through that had yellow air. I didn't know what to think then, but I do now. We enacted laws to protect the environment, set up agencies to enforce these laws. It is not a quick fix. There is never a quick fix in this world. And the developing nations, who are now coming into their own, value development of business over ecological concerns. We were once like that. In my lifetime this has changed. It takes dedication and a great deal of tenacity to be told no over and over, to be ostracized, to be considered anti-business, to have people spit on you, to have the newly working revile you. Remember the one person the whole world knows who freed India, who, using non-violent means, changed a country. Mahatma Gandhi did the impossible. I'm betting there are others in Delhi and in other industrialized areas who want to make a difference, who want to make their country the jewel it can be. more  
I think no one is thinking of how to stop this pollution, major cause being a small geographical area populated by too many people and polluting industry as well as construction activity. Prevention measures suggested are only for the well off, and are we not forgetting those below poverty line who reside on streets and most exposed to the pollution and related disease? more  
Thank you all for sharing all these. more  
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