Price Rise is killing aam aadmi

Items 2014 2021

Petrol ₹60 ₹101
Diesel ₹50 ₹91
LPG ₹414 ₹819
Dal ₹70 ₹135
Ghee ₹350 ₹550
Sarson Oil ₹52 ₹150
Milk ₹36 ₹56

We need to get the Government to atleast ensure prices are under control. more  

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Price Rise is making life of Common people Miserable. Govt's (Both Centre and State) Intervention is the need of the hour. more  
It is really pitiable to allow the Opposition to handle the criticism totally.But people do express their distress at such situations, to express their helplessness. Why do they express? with a fond hope that the taxation on certain items will be controlled next time. We all know that the Mother of all price escaltion is the Fuel Prices. Many think that Fuel prices hit only the Rich who use cars, who travel for pleasure. No it is the cause for hitting the middle and poor class far below the belt. THEN WHY KEEP ON INCREASING THE PRICES EVEN AFTER KNOWING FULL WELL THAT THERE WILL BE A CASCADING EFFECT ON ALL COMMODITIES. Consumers haven't forgotten the constructive slogans used by the then opposition when the prices of 2 commoditties , FUEL AND ONION WENT UP. It was shear arrogance to redicule " WHEN WILL THESE 2 (fuel & onions )COMPLETE THEIR CENTURIES? - But THEY FAILED TO CROSS THE CENTURY MARK. HOW WILL YOU LIKE IF THE CURRENT LEADERS SAY THAT WE HAVE DONE IT ? more  
Our country is facing great crisis due to population explosion , pandemic and useless neighbours eg China and Pakistan . This the time when we must support our government with all our might and forget these temporary problems. more  
Netizens, some who may try advocating government's case, but when the person on the ground sees cases rising and spreading of the pandemic, those in power must be answerable when they use their authority that affects us common citizens, in imposing lockdowns. Cannot allow such netizens speak on behalf of the other citizens who have a say only at the time of elections. Electoral results in the 5 states also gives one an idea, if the regional parties won majority i.e. 3/5 states. Okay last year when Modi 2 got the accolades then praise was his, but consequently when comes the time to take onus over resulting outcomes, then each citizen for himself or herself. Citizens earlier became rule-takers in faith, and what did they get from rulers, more of the same and so many increased deaths! Enjoying sweeping powers over a population of 1.38 billion people, including the taxes paid, must make government answerable. more  
Yes I do agree with you. When some thing good happens in the Nation to the Nation, why do people want to give all the credit to one Leader. Isnt it a team effort?

If that is so any thing is bungled the Leader should come forward to take the responsibility boldly. more  
Price rise is not enough to kill senior citizens at a fast rate target set by government. Therefore to meet target government has drastically reduced interest rates of small savings including Senior Citizens savings Scheme 2004. All petitions to PM & FM over last 7 years have fallen on deaf ears. more  
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