Price of food - farmers march

Sorry friends from south india who dont read hindi. This is from farmers march and shows price of food what they sell at and what we pay. Lots of middle men and markups.

What can we do to enable consumer to farmer direct or max one layer. Cant amazon do something? more  

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I think from farmer to common man in city like Mumbai the material is passed thru atleast 5 hands and every body charges a handsome commission/compensation.In addition transportation and storing is another big issue,it adds to the cost.Similarly wastage is another big issue.
These all needs deep study and corrective measures. more  
It does not matter as to whether or not any one read a specific language or not as all important news are covered by all news channels in different language of the country and the news are reported in their news channels/news papers in the respective language of the area/state.

As far as getting reasonable prices by the growers (farmers) of their respective agricultural products is concerned, their are no reasons to expect that Amazon will come forward at the rescue of the poor farmers. On the contrary, the multinationals like Amazon, harming the most to the farmers' interests by collecting the produces from the fields at through away prices and selling them in cities at 4/5 times or even at 10 times of their purchasing prices thus multiplying their assets 100 times or more of their investment within a short span of 8 to 10 years. these business houses are not in the field to do social works. However, in their absence, our farmers would not even be able to get whatever they now being paid by these companies, as there are no markets in rural areas for such produces and no system for marketing such produces has been developed by our government during last 70 years.

Until our government take responsibilities for market of other agricultural produces alike the serials & pulses with arrangements for quick marketing of the highly perishable ones and the farmers are completely freed from the clutches of the money lenders, the situation is likely to continue. Incidentally, the comparison of prices for different produces shown in the attached handbill appears to be exaggerated. more  
Loan wavering must be when there is continuous drought ,deluge of rains etc only once for each individual .it cannot be for ever and every year .They must be tGged I mean the receiver must be made ineligible second time. more  
Let this be in local language also. more  
These protests and Marches by "FARMERS" are all political gimmicks. These are all tools to get loan waivers. Why should Political parties provide or promise loan waivers for farmers? Is it their money that they are spending for this? more  
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