Poor services of Vodafone network

This is pathetic. I recharged my Vodafone mobile number with RS 100 today and after sometime I saw a msg of deduction 63 rupees for some value added service which I didn't know about. I called the customer care, they said it can't be refunded as it was active since 1st June and that time your balance is low so now this deduction is made. I question you that if I don't have sufficient money in my account why the service is activated. I didn't confirm it. If I applied for it , I must have used it. Unnecessary message just pop on screen , I don't know it's flash msg or what but I called 3 times. 1st time the operator said call after 1 hour , I will connect you senior as now everyone is busy. And 2- times they just put my call on hold and then disconnected the call. Shame on #Vodafone Services. more  

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send email to vodaphone appalate authothority. find email at their website for your region. this will be resolved. also put it at pgportal.gov.in and nationalconsumerhelpline.com more  
In case of prepaid, in such cases no body has time to sort out such low value matters. Customercare will say you have activated a value addes service. You should have asked them at least what the service was for which Rs.63 was deducted. You may also write to Vodafone HQ if you are unhappy with the customercare response. Secondly where are you located? If you know the Vodafone office and if such violations are repeated approach them in your city. more  
Vodafone is now king of cheaters in Telecom industry. They forcefully changed plans of susbcribers from Rs.199 to Rs.299 and unnecessarily harassed subscribers. It took me more than a week to change my plan to prepaid from postpaid. Porting one's number to any other service provider does not make any effect. Most of the time since the amount is low the subscriber does complain to government agencies like TRAI. more  
We born in India our choice! Now we know, what kind of a country we opted to take a birth!! Indian mentality is different, why to blame the service providers? Are we perfectionists?

Telecom services as a whole in India is pathetic! Moresover, the ATTITUDE and TREATMENT given to customers still pathetic! since we are paying for the service, we naturally entitled to receive good service.... Can anyone tell me in the service industry proper ATTITUDE & TREATMENT by any sector! Whom to blame for this!

2 days back, a Businessman in Kerala committed suicide! He spent 14yrs in Africa, came back to Kannur, Kerala, and started building a Convention centre with all his savings! Last 6 months, he had been running behind for the centre sanction to function, the LEFT governed Municipality turned a blind eye (might be they r expecting a good bribe in return), after clearly understanding that the department will not be helpful, he committed suicide at his 49 age, leaving his family with young children! Anybody in this country will come forward to take responsibility of this tragic incident? whether the kerala goernment will take the responsibility? NO ONE!!!! that is what our tradition!

So having born in this country, carry ON, no point complaining! Your complaints will still make the situation worse thru revengeful attitude!!! more  
But we, the customer wastes lot of time and efforts ...... more  
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