Pita Bread Benefits

Pita, the staple food of the Mesopotamian civilization is not only nutritious but to an extent - vintage. It gained immense popularity in and around the Mediterranean area, and today, it enjoys the privilege of being called 'a part of healthy diet' in India as well.

Here is what makes Pita breads nutritious and healthy as compared to other breads:

· Is nutrient-rich: Pita is way ahead others in terms of vitamin content, and is also quite rich in minerals. This is why eating pitas on daily basis will help fulfil your body's overall dietary needs. Pita's content of Riboflavin translates into up to 24% of one's recommended daily amount, did we mention how by having 2 pita breads a day you can meet 10% of your daily recommended vitamin intake.

· Strengthens immunity: High content of dietary fibres improve the immunity of our body. Dietary fibres help in resisting cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Thanks to its slow absorption of sugar in one's body, consumption of higher amounts of fibre prolongs life.

· Helps you lose weight: You heard it right! Pita being heavier than other breads fills you fast. Naturally, you tend to eat less and thereby, cut on fat.

· Helps in digestion: If you have made up your mind by now, your digestive system must be breathing a relief. Again, fibres help in keeping constipation in check. Long term consumption of fibre-rich pita smoothens digestive system and keeps you fit. more  

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I agree with Satya Pal ji in totality. It is basically the individual's capacity to digest properly and absorb all the nutrients provided in the food. Only caution every one should take is to maintain moderation and dont overfeed the stomach just because it is able to digest ! more  
Much depends on individual metabolism and the digestive system. So long as these accept, you may eat whatever you like, be it carbs or proteins.

My father lived to be of 100 years and until the last day he savoured meats and sabzis, eggs and uthappams, paratha, poori and roti, whiskies and wines....

We Indians believe that after you've had a heart attack and surgery, you've got to live and eat like a beggar or a hermit.........no butter, no oil, no ghee, no fried stuff, no meats no poultry only fish.......for heavens, no whiskies and no wines.......and there are hundreds of other "don'ts".

In Europe, they continue to eat their wonderful breads and baguettes, butter and cold meats, bacons, steaks, pork chops, pancakes and drink their beers and wines and schnapps like nothing happened. And yet they live into the nineties and some of them also over a hundred years.

Under these circumstances, can there be one "universal yardstick" for passing judgement on carbs and proteins? Think! more  
Rotis made from our traditional multi-grain aata are the best. The problem is with the way we make it. Parathas, Lacha Parathas, Naans, and the loads of butter on the Rotis and also on Parathas, Puris and Bhaturas etc are the culprits. More dangerous are the daily intake of side dishes high in oil and masala content. And topping all is the lack of exercise and sedentary habits of all modern humans coupled with the tensions of urban life styles are the culprits. Overall health has to be assessed taking into consideration a moderation in all aspects. Some fruits, some salads, plain rotis with lightly cooked vegetables, some curd/matha etc coupled with an hour of waking/jogging and some time spent on yoga and satsang are enough to drive away tensions and are more than sufficient to keep a good health. The problem arises only when we adopt one of the group issues and expect to gain good health from it. Eating Pita Bread for good health may not be right when other issues are not followed. more  
I agree with Mr Asif Khan.Maida is in no way a healthy substitute more  
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