Mr . Brij Gupta , I was shocked to see your post requesting for suggestions from members as I have seen you as a Yoga specialist giving several suggestions for the ailments through Asanas and Pranayama as remedy. Now look at the many useful chats posted for our benefit. There have been 3 very good suggestions in the chat that I will store it for posterity [for future generations] .The following is the suggestions for the readers, a friendly guidelines :

* Relieve the pain and distress , irritation and swelling in the area concerned. Pain and irritation can be managed by the Ayurvedic ointments suggested by members. They have suggested ointments from Himalay drug company and also Allopathic Proctosidal. While applying these ointments avoid using the applicator as it may hurt the already sore area and cause more pain and bleeding as the plastic one has sharp edges . USE YOUR FINGERS WELL COVERED WITH A GLOVE OR TO BE PRACTICAL A CONDOME THAT IS CHEAP TO SMOOTH THE ARES.

* Follow a Satvick diet ; easily digestible food with green and leafy vegetables . Good to follow one of our members who had gone even to the extent of giving the % to 60 . The other 33% SHOULDNOT contain non vegetarian and SPICES very importantly. This diet also includes roughages like Beat root, Radish. These have to be steamed or microwave cooked with little Turmeric powder which has a curative property [don’t forget to add a dash of pepper{only a dash } which enhances the utilization of the active ingredient in Turmeric in the blood stream.] Be informed that the stools will be red in colour and not to get alarmed when you consume beat root.

* The next most important tip is don’t strain in the toilet to evacuate your bowels ; be satisfied what ever comes out and come out of the toilet to attend to other occupation. Don’t spend more than 5 minutes . This is an advice to people who convert the toilet into reading room. House has lot of place to sit and read the papers and story books.

A*And the Ashwini Mudhra suggested by Mr. Dogra is the one to relieve in the long run from all the anal problems.. You have posted earlier on several useful posts on yoga . I request
ADD LIFE TO YEARS [rather than tears to life ] more  

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pls call me or send message to 9986466692 mail rmmoon2015@gmail.com i have good medicine which doesn't have side effect. if you consume continuously any diseases will get cure. more  
Believe it or not, a very simple solution to piles is Ashtdhatu ring to be worn in the middle finger. I had this problem for years after motherhood and no medicine worked and the only option was surgery. Incidentally, my father in law was travelling in a bus where a man was selling these rings for piles. He didn't buy one but discussed this with his friend who practiced acupressure. The friend endorsed the concept of the ring and gave an Ashtdhatu ring for me. Being a doctor, I was sceptical about it's relevance but wore it nonetheless to avoid surgery. From the first day I noticed change and within few days the healing started. The bleeding stopped and I was cured of the disease. I kept it on my fingers for years. The only side effect was that there was a greenish stain on my finger. I have recommended it to several patients with positive results. You too can try. BTW, I did improve my diet but after cure, I was able to take all kind of diet. I don't wear one now and have no problem. more  
Mr Jayakumar, I think I can help you. I can suggest you something very effective, natural, safe and authentic. Pl contact me directly at rasmivp@rediffmail.com or on 9335070280 more  
Homeopathy is very effective in cases of Piles,piles can be very well managed with help of Homeopathic medicines, the frequent relapse in this condition can be reduced. You may refer following link for same https://www.askdrshah.com/piles-treatment.aspx and also can have expert opinion from our online doctors on your condition. more  
For Piles there is an Ayurvedic Medicine called "HARIDRA" from Kerala. It gives a real relief if we take according to their instructions. On Monday, August 1, 2016 8:32 PM, Jayakumar Daniel wrote: more  
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