Phone No. on packaged food

Is listing a phone number now a mandatory requirement by FSSAI/Consumer Affairs on all packaged food. I find many food products with no toll free or regular phone number.

Kindly share the regulation and also if its not there please let us know. more  

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It will appear after six month of the notification, in the plea of "warper already printed earlier". more  
I can give you hundred instances of delay and too much delay by the higher authorities. more  
Dear Mr Surendra Pai, Freeing from the British and 70 years of self-ruling made you to comment like this. I don't blame you for that. Somebody seems to have suffered much more than that. That is why we hear "Congress mukth Bharat" in the air. Be patient and be cheerful for a better tomorrow. You are a senior citizen please don't lose heart. Everything will be allright in 3 years time. Wish GOD give you peace. You will say I am proud to be an Indian. Thanks more  
This is corrupt India. Nothing will ever work here. Ashamed to be citizen of this country. more  
Ms Sarita , In such circumstances we must take a picture of that packing and attach here so FSSAI / Consumer Affair ministry should know names of defaulting companies . I appreciate your concern about packed food & it's regulations but we all know how unsafe , unhygienic dangerous food is prepared on roads and lakhs of people eat it in spite of we know many facts about it . Corporations , food inspectors are just for name sake . No concrete policy is in place to regulate road side illegal kitchens though Hon Bombay High court has prohibited to cook food on road. Our regulatory authorities just doesn't bother about Hon Court's ruling and people at large just don't care about their health . more  
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