Pharmacies in Delhi - Inputs on Solutions

Dear all:

Below are the Key Root Causes and Issues on state of Pharmacies in Delhi. Please review and help us identify Solutions that need to be implemented to make the workings of Pharmacies in Delhi honest and for the citizens.

We look forward to your inputs!
Dept of Health & Family Welfare

Pharmacies in Delhi – Root Causes

1. Pharmacies are completely profit oriented and selling more is the key objective
2. Some pharmacies don’t care about the health of the people and therefore indulge in selling fake medicines to rake in more money
3. Generic medicines are cheap hand have lower margins. Hence the pharmacies don’t prefer selling them
4. Pharmacies will not give a discount until a customer asks strongly
5. A large quantity is stacked up against each other in a small shop and storage of medicines is poorly done. This leads to the prints fading off and expiry dates becoming hard to see
6. Many Pharmacies don’t give a bill to save on taxes
7. System and Accountability checks for Drug inspectors are ineffective and non-existent.
8. It is also possible that the bribery chain goes from the drug inspector all the way to the top
9. Some pharmacies obtain licence for trade in medicine by either FAKE certificates or they give commission to those who lend their documents. Then they recover their investment by selling whatever possible.

Pharmacies in Delhi - Key Issues

1. In Delhi it is easy to get any kind of medicines without prescriptions
2. Even schedule H drug available without a prescription
3. Spurious pain killers are given without prescriptions
4. Generic medicines are not easily available; instead costly alternatives are given
5. Pharmacies stock medicines which provide big commissions
6. All private Pharmacies sell medicines at MRP
7. At times the expiry date is not clearly visible due to scratches
8. Expired medicines are sold at pharmacies
9. Many cases of fake medicines being sold have been reported
10. Most Pharmacies do not provide a bill / cash Memo
11. Medicines are not transported & stored as per the guidelines of the Manufacturer
12. Drug inspectors are known for taking bribes from pharmacies
13. Some pharmacies also pay commissions to Doctors to refer patients to them more  

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Some chemist, who are on the panel of companies/ semi Govt. organizations/ Autonomous bodies, exchange medicines prescribed by the doctor with non medical items. They sell medicines without bill, without Exp.Date, on MRP. Spontaneous checking of their records must be conducted. Selling of non medical items by the chemist must be banned. Defaulters must be punished suitably with suspension of concerned drug inspector. more  
There should be proper identification of generic medicines as well as control on their MRPs which are equal or more than branded/ ethical medicines. more  
The only alternative to buy medicines at cheap rates is generic version of medicines and / or locally manufactured medicines having same salt analysis. more  
Commission to doctors, main distributors and pharmacies work out to over 60 % of the selling price. If any ceiling is fixed, underhand dealings will take place. It will give rise to black money! more  
Commissions/margins on medicines should be reduced so that medical stores are not able to pass on heavy commissions to doctors and companies too are not able to oblige the doctors by high incentives and gifts. more  
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